Saved By a Gangleader ✔️

Chapter 12 | Oh mother of breadsticks

‘How many times will you let me change my mind and turn aroundI can’t decide if I’ll let you save my lifeOr if I’ll drown’


Two weeks later . . .

Today was the last day of final testing, and the last day of the semester before the very long winter break.

Ever since the day I slept in Ace’s bed, I haven’t done it again. It just felt like I’m relying on him too much so I didn’t want to add the pressure of keeping me sane at night. My solution for him to not worry was to stay up all night studying medicine, preventing me from sleep and have nightmares.

“Pencils down, time’s up. Let’s hope many of you failed this test so I wouldn’t have to grade this many papers next semester. Other that, I’m supposed to tell y’all to have a good winter. Leave now,” the professor to my advanced biology class says.

“Ray!” I hear someone call me from the hall.

“Hey Rosie, how were the tests?” I say, walking towards the exit of the school.

“Can we not talk about school? I’m so relieved we’re down with the first half of it,” she walks with me. “Hey, are you still not gonna tell me where you moved out at?”

“I told you Rose, if it was important I would’ve told you.”

“You’re my best friend, of course it’s important.”

The reason I haven’t told Rose is because she’s like a big sister, she’ll freak out and starts lecturing me. Or she’ll start crying telling me how much I’ve grown up so fast and so on. Also because I like my home to be just for me and Ace which makes me selfish, but I’ll never admit that for anyone.

“You’re so boring, it’s probably in a cheap apartment downtown,” she laughs at me.

“Yup, it’s probably that,” I smile and shake my head.

“Ace?” I yell, trying to get my key out of the door. I start walking into the house when I hear, “in here” coming from the gym.

“Hey, how were your tests to- oh Mother of breadsticks,” I start saying, but see Ace shirtless covered in sweat in the gym.

“They went well, how were your tests?” He proceeds to kiss my forehead and walk upstairs like nothing’s wrong.

“Y-yeah, great,” I stutter and walk upstairs with him.

“Right, I’m sorry to spring this on you last minute, but some of my coworkers are coming here to discuss a new project we’re working on,” we’ve made it to Ace’s room and he’s still shirtless.

“Your business coworkers or your other coworkers?” He’s now picking out an outfit, but still shirtless.

“Business, completely legal. They’re also bringing their wives to catch up together, but I don’t give two… monkey poops if you want to talk to them or not,” I laugh at his cover for a curse word since he knows I dont like them.

“That’s fine, I’ll go bake some appetizers really quickly while you take a shower,” his perfectly sculpted six pack is being covered by the door as he enters the bathroom.

“Thanks Bird,” he goes into the shower and I head downstairs.

I hear the bell ring as I’m on the couch wearing a simple flowy dress with a belt around my waist and some heals.

“Wait, I’m coming,” Ace tells me from upstairs.

He enters wearing a suit without the jacket of it, and a pinkish tie that matches my belt.

“You look gorgeous, I would really like to devour you right now,” he whispers in my ear and I feel my cheeks heating up again.

“Not when the guests are arriving! Go open the door!” I push him away slightly, giggling at his pout.

I hear some ruckus indicating the guests have entered the mansion. When they enter the living room, I stand up tall when Ace begins to introduce me.

Suddenly, my blood runs cold looking at a familiar face.


Ray’s dress

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