Savage little nerd [(BoyxBoy)]

Well..... I wasn't expecting this

This is actually me. I’m nice bc I don’t like being rude to people for no reason, but I’m pretty sarcastic when they get to know me.

Now enough about me. Lets continue with the story.


Jaden, Melissa and me were walking through the school halls; it was already lunch time so we decided to eat outside today. While we walked, Jaden and Melissa were talking about an anime call ‘Seven deadly sins’. The anime is really good, and I hope for a second season, but for now I’m just reading the manga. And let me tell you, the manga is AWESOME!!!

Especially when Meliodis is a-, oops, almost spoiled it for you guys. But yeah, the anime is awesome; I totally recommend it for y’all.

“Did you see when Meliodis-“

“Yeah, and did you see when he-“

They said while talking enthusiastically. It was all good until we ran into the schools Mcslut and mcslutty’s.

“Why is there garbage in the halls?” She said referring to Mel. I rested my hand on Mel’s left shoulder to refrain her for doing anything illegal.

“Why you talking about yourself like that?” Mel retorted back. ‘That’s my girl.’

“I don’t have time for bitches like you.” She said after a scowl. She then looked at Jaden with flirtiest eyes. ‘Oh no’

“If by B.I.T.C.H you mean, Beautiful Individual That Corrects Hoes, like you then I guess I am.” Mel retorted back. It was difficult for me to refrain a few tears of joy, my girl is growing up. Even though, some of my sarcastic personality were from Mel.

The slut ignored her remark and pushed Jaden slightly, him now trapped by the lockers that were making contact to his back, and the slut herself in front.

“Jaden, your pretty cute. Why do you hangout with these losers if you could play with me.” She said in a high pitched and childish tone, if she thought this was making her sound cute; ‘then bitch think the fuck again.’

“I’m sorry, but I prefer girls that wear shorts that are longer then their own vagina.” Jaden said. ‘That’s my son!’

“Oh Jaden. Come with me and we could have a good time.” She said while winking at him. Damn this girl doesn’t give up. “I have been so lonely recently, can you keep me company.” She said while pressing her body against Jaden.

Mel was currently restraining herself from making a murder scene at school. And I was just silently praying for Jaden to make the obvious decision, before he gets himself killed. Even though he’s like a brother to me, I won’t be able to restrain or fight Anel off; like have you seen an angry girl before? They are terrifying.

“As much that intrigues a man of my age, I will have to decline that offer.” He said while squirming out of Mcsluts hold. He then went to Mel and slung his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close. “I already have a girl that I love, and I won’t lose her for an unenjoyable experience.” He said and like that we walked away from an angry girl.

“I love you too baby.” Mel said while they pecked their lips together.

“Eww, PDA” I said while I scrunched my face in fake disgust. They only laughed at me and kept in walking.


School has already finished and I was about to go home until someone grabbed my shoulder and pulled me to the janitors closet. I was being kidnapped once again, it’s only ironic if it’s from the same guy. That would be kinda idiotic, even for him…

“Where do you think you’re going?” Adrien said while he looked a little pissed off.

‘I stand corrected.’

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