Safe Space ~ Lo'ak Sully

~Birthday Anxiety~

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Birthdays are days that most look forward to. They are days of celebration, happiness, and carefree feelings… but not for me- not this birthday at least.

“Your next birthday you are to be betrothed to Koah.” My mother’s words replayed in my head from a few months ago. I can’t help worrying that she still might try to make me marry that warrior, even though Lo’ak has proven himself. Knowing my mother, she might try to ignore that fact, and still want me to marry the obvious choice. My father doesn’t mind Lo’ak though, maybe there is a way to avoid this betrothal? My thoughts run wild.

“Happy Birthday, Tsaeyla!” My sister enters my room, singing with a smile on her face. I try my best to greet Tsireya with a smile, but I know the worry is still shown on my face.

“Thank you, Tsireya.” I get up from my seat on the ground before pulling her into a short hug.

“Here, I made you a necklace!” Tsireya hands me a blue and purple shell necklace. “The colors reminded me of you and Lo’ak.” She shrugs, sheepishly.

“Aw, I love it! Thank you, sister.” I smile before putting the piece of Jewelry on.

“Now, what worries you?” Tsireya asks, placing a hand on my shoulder as she guides me out of our Marui.

“Remember how mother wanted me to marry Koah?” I start, turning my head to look at my sister. “I’m just worried she might bring that up again.”

“She wouldn’t.” Tsireya shakes her head.

“I’d like to hope so.” I shrug, looking forward again. Suddenly, a thought crosses my mind. “Wait, where are we going?” I think out loud.

“Oh, nowhere.” Tsireya shrugs, “I just wanted to get out of the Marui.”

“Ok.” I nod, though I’m suspicious. Lo’ak has probably planned something, just as he did with Spider. I must’ve forgotten to tell him I hate surprises and parties in general. I’m not into all the attention.

Tsireya and I continue walking for a while and I start to get a sense of where we are going, which is most likely the pools along the reef. Though before we get there, to my surprise, my sister and I are met by Lo’ak.

“Hey guys!” Lo’ak smiles as he approaches us. “Happy birthday, Tsaeyla.” He says, pulling me into a hug and placing a soft kiss on my temple.

“Thank you, Lo’ak.” I smile, remaining in his embrace. “If you have something planned for me today, I pray that Eywa gives me the strength that I do not hurt you.” I joke, whispering to Lo’ak, who lets out a chuckle, causing his chest to rise and fall quickly beneath me.

“Well, I hope she gives you that strength cause I am not looking for any issues.” Lo’ak replies, pulling a way a bit to look at me. I roll my eyes, but can’t help but smirk.

“Great.” I say sarcastically, letting out a sigh. Lo’ak and I finally pull out of our hug, but he holds onto my hand.

“So, let’s head to that celebration that definitely isn’t for you, Tsaeyla.” Lo’ak shrugs, a mischievous smile on his face. He leans in to whisper something. “See, since I told you now, it isn’t a surprise or anything and you won’t need to hurt me.” Lo’ak chuckles before we all begin walking again, towards the pools.

“Whatever this is, you really didn’t need to do anything for me.” I shake my head.

Tsireya sighs and crosses her arms, “Just be grateful, Tsaeyla. Let us do something for you.”

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