Runaway *being edited*

chapter 2- edited

Tyler p.o.v.

Once the female was unconscious, I could see Miles pull up with the van, me and Josh lifted her body into the back of the truck. This situation would have tipped people off…if we weren’t known warriors. “Once we get her to the pack house, we will place her in the chambers below until the alpha commands differently. Also, miles drive carefully. With your driving, I don’t want to hurt the girl; human, very fragile” Josh was around the van steadying the locks so that if she did wake up, no escaping would happen.

“awe come on, my driving isn’t that bad,” Miles snickered

Josh walked around the passenger door window “bullshit, you almost hit me the other day.”

“I was trying too,” he said playfully, grinning at Josh.

“Alright, let’s get going. I want to do this before she wakes up,” I stated as Josh jumped in the passenger seat; I sat in the back of the van with her, not wanting anything to happen to her; she may be a rogue, but she’s still human.

‘Alpha, the rogue is captured and secured; we are heading back to the chambers now, ‘ I mind-linked the alpha.

‘copy’ was the response I got.

The car started, and then what seemed like a blink of an eye, we stopped. I could hear Miles and Josh leaving the van, meaning we were at the main house or what was known as the pack house.

“Once we take her to the chambers, we should go watch the game,” Miles said as he swung back the van’s back door revealing the rogue’s still limp, passed-out body.

I rolled my eyes, not a sports fan but nodded.

We carried her through the pack house doors and down the stairs to the chamber that lay beneath.

The pack house worked for our temporary transfers before they determined their fate; it was also closer to the alpha. Not really giving anyone time to run away.

Alex p.o.v.

My head pounded, the ground was cold, and I feared the worst. Nothing this bad had happened since my uncle came into my life. My eyes fluttered open; my vision became clearer almost immediately; for once, I mentally thanked Cleo, who was silent. Unfortunately, the surroundings I woke up to were a bleak dungeon of some kind; it looked like a basement remodeled as one, at least, but I could be wrong. Waiting for someone to seal my fate felt like an eternity, and it was freezing, which I assumed was on purpose, considering it was fall.

‘be on your guard,’ Cleo hissed.

It didn’t look like there were anyone else in any of the other cells parallel to the iron door decorating the wall. You could hear a pin drop, and It wasn’t because all shifters have good hearing; on top of that list were werewolves. There was nothing but cold floors and metal bars, probably laced with some silver. This was perhaps the closest I had been to possible death. I didn’t know what this alpha would do with me; I had never met one.

‘maybe he will make me work for him for the rest of my life. At least then I would be eating good,’ I laughed to myself.

‘this isn’t the time for jokes, ‘ Cleo stated; she could hear all my thoughts as well as be with me at all moments of the day. one of the many reasons she was like my family.

‘your no fun,’ I thought back; if I might die, at least I’d tease Cleo one last time.

Footsteps made the blood drain from my face; I almost didn’t want to look up.

“a rogue human, sex female, intentions are unknown, and she can swing,” I hear someone report…It had to have been one of the three that took me here.

“Good, you are now unneeded; the alpha would like you three to do a patrol tonight,” an unfamiliar voice spoke. Followed by the same exact response times three.

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