The Parents

Hector( father to Eric) –

Driving to my son and the pack. Getting the notice that he found his mate that rejected long ago finally brought her back. And the kids, my grandchildren. My wife and mate has not stop talking about seeing her grandchildren which I can understand. Getting to the pack in no time. Standing outside of the home. Then seeing my grandchildren, 9 grandsons, 1 granddaughter. My heart is beating so fast right now.

” Father, Mother this is Leah and our kids. Avery, the youngest and only girl. The boys in order; Aiden, Nicholas, Elijah, Alexander, Jeremiah, Josiah, Landon, Kai, and Marcus.” Eric said

” Kids, Leah, these are my parents and siblings” Eric said

I greeted my grandchildren one by one. Lydia, my mate did the same. She stayed close to our granddaughter Avery. She always wanted a daughter of her own but all she had is boys. And she waited for one of the boys to settle down and have a family. But either of us could thought of this, having so much grandchildren at once.

Myself and Lydia took a seat at the table and my other children sat down as well.


Eric –

When my family arrived I was nervous about the kids and my brothers starting anything. But all went well, the dinner together was wonderful. We laughed, talked as a large family. Something I never thought I would get since back then when I messed up Leah. But now I believe things are more than good between us, same for the kids as well.

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