Rejected and pregnant (#1)

Chapter twenty nine(*)

After taking couple days of breaking from training my team, I have decided that I need to get back to training them. This would take the load of the rest of the trainers. Perhaps it’s time. No one would give them the helps they need because each team is focusing of different things.

When I approached my team, they were confused at first and then they are rushed to me, giving my hugs and asking me how comes I came back. I didn’t reply at first because I was overwhelmed with how happy they were to see me. This truly made me so happy. I was smiling so big, my cheeks were starting to hurt.

“Okay okay. Settle down team”

They listened and back away. They were all still grinning big and were happy to see me.

“I need to discuss something important with you guys first.”I pause for suspense.

“Oh come on woman! We don’t need the suspense. My skin is itching”Kyle blurts out.

Jake slaps him at the back of the head.

I ignore Kyle’s little ow and get in to my story.

“Since I’m going to be here for awhile, I feel like I should be honest to you guys.”I look around and no one said anything so I continued.

“You guys have started to mean something to me and I have so much respect for ever single person here. You have come so far this past few weeks and in few more weeks… I don’t think you guys would even need me. That being said. I feel like I should be honest with you right now if I’m going to continue training you guys.”

I watch as some of them look at each other for an answer and shrugging to say they don’t know either.

“I’m not Blair”

Nothing. Until Michael asks “what do you mean you’re not Blair”

“I mean. That’s not my name”

“So what is?”Kyle asks.

I sigh and I pull my shirt up and show them my hip. My redwood pack mark. I got some gasps and confused looks.

“I thought you were from the moonlight pack?”Mia asked.

“Moonlight pack is my pack no matter what. They are my family to the end but they are not my real pack. I don’t carry their mark.”I say before going into detail.

“When I was 18. I decided I needed to start fresh somewhere else but I couldn’t become a rogue because I would get killed straight so I kept my mark. I didn’t tell anyone I was leaving…not anyone other than my best friend, I just packed my stuff and went”

“Why?”Jake asked.

“My life here was terrible. I felt trapped. I felt like I couldn’t be me so I needed to find myself”

“18 you say?”Conner asks.

I nod.

“We are pretty much the same age. I would have known you…right?”

“Conner… I do know you and you definitely do know me. You won’t horrible but you weren’t great either. You won’t notice me because I look different. Much happier and I guess I’m more fitter and skinner”

“No fucking way!”

“Holy crap!”

“There is no way”

“So I’m guessing some of you figured it out”

“Well help a brother out?”Kyle says

“Man it’s Charlie as in Charlotte Jones. Beta’s sister” Jake shoved Kyle.

“Ding ding ding…we got a winner! Anyways. I’m Charlie. Hi. Sorry I lied. I had to keep my identity a secret for a private reason and now there is no reason too”

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