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⚪Chapter 32: Flustered

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The reunion of Anastasius and Lancelot was cut short because of Charles’ intervention. Charles could say that he’s a little jealous, but if he were going to be honest, he doesn’t really find the knight a threat to his relationship with his little darling, he just got a little impulsive because he knew their conversation is gonna take long if he didn’t intervene now.

He admit it’s pretty immature for him to act like that, totally different from his usual self that he shows to the world. He ought to be mature, unmoving, a capable ruler without any weaknesses. He thought he already have everything under control but Anastasius proves him wrong every time.

Just a sight of Anastasius and the entire persona Charles built to protect himself just crumbles into dust. Suddenly he’s become childlike, immature, petty, possessive. He loves getting a praise from Anastasius, he loves it when the younger looks at him with worried eyes. He started wanting to become a better person if it would make Anastasius smile, though he’s obviously still working on that.

But he dare not to directly act on his thoughts, albeit barely, because he himself is still unsure about his feelings. Does he really like Anastasius or is he just one of his hyperfixations? Because as far as he knows, love is purer than what he feels for the man.

Based on a poem he read once, love is all about letting the person go if you know your love will only hurt them in the long run. He knows loving Anastasius would just harm the other because he has too many enemies. It’s also not well-received when a King, especially of a big Kingdom such as Corielle, decides to marry a man even though it’s not really illegal.

Anastasius would just receive a lot of backlash, because who dares to talk bad about Charles? Of course, basing it on the citizen’s logic, if there’s going to be a person to blame in that kind of situation, it would be the outsider who “seduced” their Crown Prince.

But despite all of these possibilities, Charles still didn’t want to let go of Anastasius. He’d rather eradicate half of his Kingdom’s people if those half dares to slander his man. Such brutal thoughts can’t be called love, he thinks.

“Are you okay?” Anastasius asked, snapping him out of his thoughts.

“Ah, yes. By the way, you seem to be having a lot of fun with that mentor earlier…” What did you guys talk about? He meant to ask.

“Yes! He told me a lot of things about what’s currently happening in our Kingdom,” Anastasius answered, eyes lighting up, “While I can just ask my family about it since we also exchange letters, there’s not really much you can fit in one letter and I would rather hear about their day and their affections more than anything else.”

Charles smiled with his answer, See, he just cares about his family, his smiles earlier weren’t directed towards that shitty knight.

“You didn’t visit me in the office today.” Charles asked perfunctorily, he knew the reason, he’s just sulking.

“The Student Council office?” Asked Anastasius, as he stood up from his seat, taking Charles’ hand as an assistance.

“Hm.” Charles hummed, pleased that the youth accepted his gesture.

“I was in class, and well… I also had to do some catching up with Lord Lancelot. Why? Are you sulking right now?” Anastasius giggled, but before he could utter a ‘just kidding’, Charles stopped walking. Looking straight to his eyes for a moment, gaze wavering, he mutters “Yes, I am sulking. Will you take responsibility?”

Anastasius froze for a bit, taken aback that the matured prince just admitted to having such cute feelings. They looked at each other for a while, silent, only the birds going home could be heard in the background, along with the rustling of leaves brought by the cool wind.

It took them a few minutes to digest the interaction that took place. Immediately after, they pulled their hands away from each other. Both turning around with their hands on their chest, faces burning up.

“I, I meant will you, I mean, shall we eat together? I mean, dinner! Again. Together. I didn’t, it’s not like… you know?” Charles stammered, he’s never been embarrassed like this before. Did he really just act coquettish??

“Yeah! I know. We, we really should. I actually, you know. I do still have some leftovers so…” Anastasius responded in the same manner. Did Charles just act coquettish? That’s sooooo cute what?!

Fortunately they arrived in the dorms alive Except for the fact that they’re both still blushing a bit.

Charles took the liberty to help Anastasius in the small kitchen of his dorm. Although he enjoys being spoiled by the youth, he still didn’t like the feeling of being served by him. He wanted to serve Anastasius too.

“Oh wait, I couldn’t possibly give you leftovers to eat. I’ll just prepare us a new meal.” Anastasius was about to cover the leftovers again but Charles stopped him. Was it because of his desire to monopolize Anastasius? Because he also cannot bear the fact that the boy might give the food to the stray cats in the Campus. Perhaps he wanted to be the only one who get to taste Anastasius’ cooking.

“It’s okay. I’ll just heat these up with my fire magic. Let us not waste food okay?” Charles said, wearing his business smile that radiated a perfect crown prince aura. Making Anastasius admire him more, ‘Woah, he’s so cool and humble… not like the rich kids in my past world at all…’ Oblivious that the teen only did it out of a petty reason.

This day was spent leisurely yet again.

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