Reborn as the Mayor's Girlfriend

Chapter 5: Grades

Ryzen POV

I didn’t even realise how much time has passed. It’s already been two months!

So far, what I’ve done is to fully familiarise myself with Millen Yu’s environment. I tried spending time with the usual people she hangs out with but I still couldn’t find anything special at all. Amidst studying, there were also a few times where I’ve agreed to go to the usual raves and parties that Millen goes to but all I found was trivial information.

It seems like Millen Yu is really a party girl, known in all social circles, and have a reputation with rich boys her age. She would always date guys like Xavier Ayala but would never go out with them officially.

Even though it’s so trivial, I thought that it would help me into knowing her lifetime wish… I thought that it would be too easy…

However, since I put more time into improving Millen Yu’s studies, I have been successful on that part. As a successful doctor in my original life, it was easy for me to get all perfect scores in the tests and quizzes that we had. Pharmacology was one of my favourite subjects before, anyway. It was just expanded a little bit in the pharmacy course she’s taking.

Due to my efforts, Millen Yu got the highest ranking in her batch. Her 75 GWA’s improved to 95. Millen’s parents and grandfather were so happy that they decided to go out for dinner tonight to celebrate Millen’s achievement.

Back in my previous life, I never got praised for something like this. Who knew that you can be doted on just for achieving something like that?

“Good job, our darling! We are so proud of you!” Katrina Yu, Millen’s mother said.

“I always knew that our darling would be serious in her studies one day. She was just taking her time during the previous years.” her father, Kenneth, proudly boasted.

Meanwhile, her grandfather, Zeus Costales, heartily laughed with Millen Yu’s parents and patted me on my head.

“Good job, my granddaughter. You’ve made us very proud. We love you.” he said softly.

I never experienced the warmth of having a grandfather before… all my life, it was just my mother and my sister. My father died early and I never knew any of our relatives.

Somehow, it feels nice to experience having one. At the same time, I also feel kind of guilty for using Millen Yu’s body. The warmth and affections I’ve been receiving aren’t for me… they’re all for Millen Yu.

“But you’re Millen Yu now. You’re no longer Ryzen Ferrada, for the meantime, at least.” a low voice suddenly said in my head.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop getting surprised whenever the red-haired man tries to communicate with me… Everytime I try to pester him about Millen Yu’s lifetime wish, he doesn’t answer at all.

Then, just like right now, he’ll just communicate with me out of the sudden.

I don’t even know what he means by that. For me, I’m still Ryzen Ferrada. I will never be Millen Yu.

I’ve actually tried searching for news about me and my family…

Since my mother was a celebrity doctor, it was kind of easy to get news about her. A showbiz article mentioned briefly that she and my sister, Zaynah, were vacationing somewhere in the country. Apparently, they went on a sudden vacation since they were grieving for me, who died from the plane crash accident.

Actually, there were numerous articles about that accident. All in all, they reported that there were no survivors at all…

Some articles also focused on me and other relevant figures who were involved in the accident. I saw a lot of netizens commenting, saying that it was such a pity for someone like me, who was young and beautiful, to suddenly die.

I pout everytime I read those comments because I agree. It’s really such a pity…

Although I was not well-known to everyone in the country, I was known in my field. I’ve won many research competitions nationally and internationally ever since I was in high school.

Frankly, I believe that my life was just starting… I was only starting to achieve much more.

As I reminiscence about my original life, I could not help but be curious.

How could I go back to my own body? Do the heavens really have the ability to give me back my original life?

“So far, that is none of your concern. Focus on finding out Millen Yu’s lifetime wish first and attain that.” the red-haired man suddenly said.

Mmm. He’s right.

I sighed as I let go of my thoughts.

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