Real Deal

Chapter 47 - I DO

Ares Collin

“I do.” I said in front of the mirror.

“I do.” And again..

“I do.” Again for the 150 times or maybe more..

“Yes, I do.” I practiced again.

“I, Ares Collin accept Roseanne West to be-“

“Honey, you’ve been practicing that all day long.” Rosie walked into the bathroom and I looked at her flatly.

“I’m practicing so I won’t be nervous tomorrow.” I said and Rosie slipped her arms around my hips from the back.

“You’re cute.” She said as she smiled at me through the mirror.

“I do.” I said in singing it and Rosie laughed.

“You can tell me your vow.” She said and I shook my head.

“I have it all in my head and you will hear it tomorrow.” I said smirking at her. She pouted and she stood beside me. She linked her arm around mine and she dragged me towards the bathroom door.

“Pretend to be my dad.” She said.

“I’m your daddy.” I smirked and winked at her. She looked at me disbelief and my face turned flat.

“Daddy in bed.” She said and now she’s making me speechless.

“Morty! Eden!” She called the dogs and I can hear the dogs are running towards us. She pretended to sing the wedding march and we walked inside the bathroom together.

“Are you nervous?” I asked her.

“Yeah.. so nervous that I put salt instead of sugar in my pancake and then instead of taking the car keys to go to the publishing office, I brought my parents house’s key not only that.. I almost drink my birth control pills when I was supposed to drink my vitamins!” She said and I laughed.

“You crazy!” I said and she sighed.

“I was that nervous!” She said and I hugged her. I kissed the top of her hand and hugged her tightly.

“Gosh you’re so adorable and I can’t wait to call you my wife.” I said and she pushed me away gently.

“Where are you going?” I asked and she walked out from the bathroom bringing the dogs with her.

“Babe!” I called her but I think she walked out completely. I took off my shirt because I’m going to the office for a moment before leaving it for a week to go to a honeymoon. I was going to close the door when suddenly Rosie stopped me along the way.

She pushed me and she closed the door locking it preventing the dogs to enter the room. She bit her lip and she started to take her shirt off.

“Babe.. you know that once we’re in that you can’t run away.” I warned her as she stripped all of her clothes except her undies.

“Run away where?” She asked me and she jumped to me. I caught her and she kissed me right away.

“So.. tell me your vows.. I want to hear it.” She said as she gave me kisses all over my face.

“That’s a secret, you have to hear it tomorrow.” I said chuckling and she crashed her lips to mine. I put her down and we both entered the shower together. She turned on the water and cold water hit us both.

We were busy having a fun time in the bathroom until I heard my phone ringing. I was going to end it because I know it’s from the office but before I can go out from the shower, Rosie made me do another round. I can’t say no to my girl right?

I left her first to take my phone and I saw Josh calling me 3 times. I quickly called him back.

“Hey! Where are you?”

“Sorry, I’ll be there in 20 minutes.” I said chuckling a little bit.

“Oh don’t tell me that you’re busy..” He hissed.

“Sorry dude.. I’m officially taken tomorrow so.. spare me.” I said.

“Get your ass here, Ares.” He said and ended the call. I laughed and threw my phone to the bed. I quickly dried myself and put on my clothes. I heard Rosie coming out from the shower.

“Babe.. I have to go.. Josh is waiting.” I said loud enough fro her to hear it.

“Go.. You’re already late.” She said and I walked out from our room taking the car keys. When I was about to go out from my apartment, I forgot my USB that I have to bring to the meeting. I walked back into the room and I heard Rosie puking.

I ran towards her quickly and found her sitting beside the toilet bowl. My eyes widen and I quickly ran to her.

“Are you okay?” I asked and she looked at me surprise.

“I thought you’re gone already.” She said.

“What? Are you okay? Should I call the ambulance?” I asked as I took out my phone out from my pocket but she stopped me.

“Rosie..” I turned to her and she smiled.

“I’m fine.. really.”

“You don’t look fine, you look pale.” I said as I helped her to stand up.

“Babe, you need to tell me. Are you okay?” I asked as I looked at her and she nodded.

“I’m fine really..”

“I’ll call Josh to cancel the meeting, let me take you to the hospital.” I said but Rosie took my phone away.


“I’m fine, Ares.” She said as she took my hand pulling me out from the bathroom. She dragged me towards her vanity. She opened the drawer and my eyes widen. There’s 5 pregnancy test saying that she’s positive pregnant. I turned to her and she nodded.

“You’re pregnant?” I asked.

“Yeah.. I was going to tell you tomorrow but you caught me.” She said and I hugged her tightly.

“Oh my god.. I’m going to be a dad.” I said as I picked her up bridal style. I was so happy and I carefully put her on the bed.

“How many weeks?” I asked.

“6 weeks.. I just found out 2 days ago and I was planning to tell you on our wedding day.”

“Aww baby.. you should’ve tell me sooner! I’m so happy!” I hugged her and kissed her.

“Well.. now you know.”

“Oh!! I’m so happy!!” I said as I looked at her stomach.

“Little Ares is in here.” She said and I smiled happily looking at her.

“I can’t wait!” I said and my phone rang on her hand. It’s Josh again.

“You better get going babe.. or he will come here and drag you there.” She said and I nodded.

“I’ll be quick.. I will make sure to comeback soon.” I said and gave a peck on her lips.

“You’re pregnant!” I said as I got up and she nodded. I walked towards the door and turned to her.

“You are pregggggnant.”

“Yes, honey. I am pregggggggnant.. now go!”


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