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While Emma was crying I sat next to her and gave her my handkerchief. She didn’t seem like she was going to stop very soon so, I just sat there eating cake. Which was awkward but, I stayed. After she was done my handkerchief was completely soaked in tears and mucus. It was disgusting but she didn’t care and still threw it back at me without a word as a thanks. I avoided touching it and use a fork to hold it. This is the thanks  I get for breaking your heart? I thought.

“Do you know what’s the best remedy for a broken heart?” I asked.

“Blood?” She asked while staring hatefully at me.

“Cake. No matter what the problem is cake is the answer,” I said while holding a piece of the different cakes I ordered while she was crying. Of course, I put the red velvet in my side so, that she wouldn’t touch it. I don’t care if her mom die the red velvet is mine.

She stared at the cake for a while and said, “give it to me.”

After talking a little more with Emma, we ate cake in silence. Although, there was also the occasional weeping. When you’re heartbroken you don’t just cry one time and then you’re over it. You need to cry multiple times or get a rebound. Unfortunately, no matter what happens that person is still going to be a sour spot in your heart. Fortunately for Emma, I’ll make sure that she and the second male lead get their happy ending and can talk normally with the Ml like the family they are.


When we got out of the restaurant, there was a very expensive sport car waiting outside looking fierce and untouchable.

“I think that’s your ride,” I told her.

“When did you call him here?” She asked with an exhausted face.

“When you cried for the third time. I figure that I wouldn’t want to go through this alone, if I were you,” I told her.

“I don’t want to use him as a substitute,” she told me.

“Then don’t. Talk to him and tell him what’s going through you’re heart so, that he knows if he has a chance with you. Therefore, creating an open relationship or friendship where honesty is the best policy,” I said with a thumbs up. 

She looked at me weird so I told her, “be honest with him. He waited for so long, I bet he will wait a little more so that you can know your for him feelings are real.”

“You’re getting ahead of the game,” she said. Implying that she couldn’t possibly have romantic towards the second male lead. When she just gave up on the Male lead.

“Just go,” I said pushing her.


After I was done with the villianess I went home and took a long rose water bath. Recovering from the harsh day I went through. Then I got out of the tub dried my hair, put my silk pjs on, and started talking to Liam.

‘Liam, what’s the update on the female lead?’ I asked him since, I wasn’t planning on letting her off easy.

‘After the male lead rejected her she closed herself in her room and refused to go to the new job he prepared for. Leaving a bad impression for her co-workers. Fortunately, she decided to stop being a drama queen and went back to work a few days and thanks to the Mls rejection. She has been carrying an air of sadness around her. That made people pity her and want to protect her. Even though, they don’t know why she’s sad,” informed me Liam.

‘Use the IP address of one of the workers in Dylan’s company and send messages to the Fls co-workers spreading rumors of how she try to seduce her boss and couldn’t do her job right, leaving a bad impression in the people there. Make sure to realistically point out all of her mistakes including what happened with me. It would be suspicious if I wasn’t in the email since I’m the reason she was fired. Also, make sure that the owner of the computer is on vacation so, that they don’t get harmed. I don’t want to create unnecessary trouble for other people,’ I said to him as I found a comfy spot in my bed. 

‘Understood, good night host,’ he said.



‘I’m getting married,’ I told him. Since this is my first time getting married and I’m going to do it because of a mission.

“Host, do you hate him?” He asked.

“No,” I said since, I truly didn’t hate him. In fact I liked him but not enough to exchange bows with him.

‘Then deal with it. This is just marriage in future worlds you’re going to do worst things than wearing a white dress and eating expensive cake. You’re probably going to kill, lie, and hurt other people whether you want it or not,’ he said to me.

‘That makes me feel so much batter, thank you’ I told him in a sarcastic tone.

He sigh and continue saying, ‘you won’t be alone. I will be here for moral support and if it gets too much. I’ll do my best to make it better. We’re partners in crime after all.’ 

‘Liam, can you get a physical body?’

‘Once you collect enough points for me. I’ll get one and be prettier than you,’ he said.

‘Hahaha, that’s cute. You think anyone can possibly be cuter than me? Hahaha, I thought you were smart,’ I said with humor in my voice as I kept laughing.

‘Then, I’ll become handsome. Also, don’t think for a second that I won’t make you ugly if I wanted to,” he said with attitude.

‘Wait what? I can be ugly?’ I asked surprise.

‘Nooooo,’ he said with sarcasm. Which made furious and scared at the same time, I love being beautiful. Beauty is my jam. I can’t be ugly.

‘Host, stop worrying over nothing. I’ll try to make you pretty in every world,’ he said with a soothing voice.

‘Liam!,’ I said in tears. 

‘As long as you behave, I’ll give you beauty,’ he said with an evil chuckle.

‘You fucking dictator!’ I said throwing a pillow to the air.

‘Hahaha, I don’t have a physical body, hon,’ he said which made so fucking angry. However, I was raised a lady so I simply sighed and said, ‘Fuck you.’

‘I love you too’


Author’s Note: Omg, I have nothing to say…. I’ll give the Ml a POV next chapter don’t worry.



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