Queen of his Heart - [Editing]

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Queen of His Heart[Novella]

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The story unfolds… ~

Millenniums ago, when planet Earth was waging with wars between the supernatural races and humans, each wanting to overpower the other, a sudden being had come into the light like a savior.

They, the then people suffering in endless chaos, saw him as their guiding light.

With the physique of an exotic rare beast, mystical powers unseen and untold, and the soul of a divine, he was a luminary being everyone wanted to obey.

He was called by the name ‘Azazel’.

He brought cease to the chaotic Earth and became everyone’s salvation.

The supernatural leaders, accepted him as their Supreme King and obeyed his authority.

But they did not know, nor could they have ever predicted, what would have happened next.

The peace brought to the world was nothing but a temporary illusion.

Soon, unjust killings, massacres and bloodshed started transpiring everywhere.

And the Vanquisher was revealed to be none other their King.

A manipulative and diabolical King who had perfectly shrouded his evil mind in the veil of darkness.

But as his tyranny revealed itself with time, the supernatural leaders were forced to take action against his barbarism.

They could not kill him. They weren’t powerful enough to do so.

So, at last, they could only combine almost all their powers and sources to stop him.

They tricked him to a death like sleep by a forbidden and prohibited ancient ritual.

But like all other charms, the spell would not last long and had a condition to fulfill.

Until the last word of the chant was forgotten by the world, he would not ever wake up.

So, a prophecy was released, and the supernatural leaders did their best to spread the prophecy from every nook and cranny of the world to their upcoming generations.

The Prophecy went like this.

‘Beware. Remember. And don’t ever forget.

Because a creature of darkness will come to life the moment you do.

With the physique of a beast, powers of the mystical and authority of a divine, he came to our dark world like a Savior.

But later he turned out to be a harbinger of destruction and annihilation.

We, your ancestors, fearing our safety, had sealed him to a long slumber by the forbidden chants.

Never forget, That he will wake up the moment you forget these words.

So beware and spread around this prophecy from the every nook and corner of your world to your kin.

Never forget!! That he exists.

Cause when you do, He shall conquer your world with the most cruel ways with his bloodthirsty claws.

So beware. And don’t forget.’

For centuries, the Prophecy was spread around by all means. But soon, due to the neglect and disbelief of the evolved minds, the Prophecy was forgotten. Because nothing could have ever remained for eternity.

Then came the doom. He woke up.

And he conquered the whole earth within a week by his cruel ways.

He became the King of earth.

The ruler of each and every individual.

Still, nothing could fill his thirst for blood and chaos.

And in the midst of it, He met her. His soul mate.

She was named Aiyana.

A human living in the midst of werewolves after the death of her parents and in the guardianship of her brother.

She was born deaf and was silent all the time.

But her eyes were the one that spoke and showed volumes of emotions.

Nestled within the safety of jungles, she was not aware of the outside world’s circumstances.

She was surrounded by many. Yet, still lonely and isolated than anyone else.

But when she met him, her entire world felt like glistening stars.

Every day and every moment spent within each other’s embrace felt like magic to them.

He may be a King. But she was his Queen.

His little human queen, whom he loved with all his existence.

This is their story.

The story of how he captured her heart and she became the queen of his.

Want to see how a bloodthirsty psycho can turn into a cute magician for his beloved obsession??

Read for yourselves.


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