Pregnant By Dad's Best Friend

Chapter Fifeteen: Complete Little Family

June. Eight months later.

Today is graduation day and I’m a bit nervous. Austin still wasn’t here with Pamela and dad was nowhere to be seen but was here. The only reason I know that is that Lottie came up and told me since she’s helping me keep a lookout.

Austin said he’d be here an hour earlier and well he’s got forty minutes till the ceremony begins.

I know having to deal with a five-month-old who hardly ever wants the car seat was not easy. Especially when she’s now starting to teeth and is super cranky seventy percent of the day.

I just hope he doesn’t miss an important day like this. After thinking about it I look out the window and see my handsome husband and little girl.

I smile and hurry out to meet him downstairs.

When I finally make it down as fast as I could in heels he was already walking to the door of the gym.

“Austin,” I say and he turns around to the sound of his name at the first call.

“Oh, Anny.” He smiles and plants a kiss on my lips. “Sorry for arriving later than I promised, Pamela spit up all over me and had to retake a shower and you know how she is with-“

I put a finger over his lips and cut him short. “It’s okay all that matters is that you and our daughter are here safe and sound—how is my little girl?” I avert my sight from his eyes to the car seat.

“Knocked out.” He pulls back the sun shade to reveal a sleeping baby. “Before we made our way over here she drank a full bottle but I don’t think I’ll be lucky enough for her to sleep through the whole ceremony.”

I shake my head with a laugh.

“How are you feeling?” He asks.

“Better now that you’re here.” I lean into his palm which cupped my cheek.

Austin looks around and I do the same wondering what he’s looking for but when there was nothing he takes me by surprise and kisses me tenderly.

The best thing about being in an open relationship is that we don’t have to hide a single bit of it from anyone.

Rumors still flew in the air in the school but have died down quite a bit since it was first out. A lot of the students were surprised to know that I was the first to be engaged and married to the only man I loved before graduation.

On Austin’s part, it took a lot of convincing to his employees that he was having a baby with me and getting married after the birth of Pamela. But they eventually came around and were invited to the wedding.

And now we’ve been married for a happy full four months as a complete little family of three.


I stood behind Lottie in a line full of graduates about to walk down in our ugly dark green gowns and caps which put my mini floral lace dress to shame by covering it.

When the music started and the first two walked down in front of all who were present me and Jeremiah lock arms and wait till Lottie and Brian walk down before us.

I don’t know much about Jeremiah other than that he is now the lucky soul to be dating the sweet Jenifer after the breakup with the cheating ex.

And I can only wish them a happy future together.

When it was time I and Jeremiah walk together with arms locked and shining big bright smiles.

Once we were in front of the crowd I let my eyes swiftly examine the bleachers looking for dad and Austin who were somewhere in it.

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