Pranking the Prankster ✔︎

Epilogue pt. 2


10 years later

“Mommy! Mommy, look what I got!” My daughter Nola runs towards me with a big smile.

I squat down to catch her, matching her grin. She looked exactly like me. Short curly brown hair, big brown eyes, sun kissed skin, heart shaped face.

“Daddy gave me an ice pop.” She happily, licks the blue frozen treat, in my arms.

I hum, giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Can mommy have a bite?”

“Silly mommy, it’s all mine!” I gasp at her remark, hearing some chuckles from her brothers.

“Caspian, Birch.” I growl knowingly.

“What mom?” Birch laughs hard, but stops when he sees my face.

“I-I mean ma’am.”

“Stop teaching your sister to be anything, but a sweet little princess.”

“She is and will always be a princess.” Ace walks in shirtless, with sweatpants on.

“Hey, princess.” He pecks my lips.

Shivers and sparks rack through my body like never before.

We got married two years after I had the twins, Caspian and Birch.

And we still had those magical sparks of love.

“What about me daddy!?” Nola whines in my arms, dropping her popsicle stick on the floor.

“I love you too, honey bee.” Ace chuckles, gently taking her in his arms.

Nola peppers Ace’s face with sweet kisses. “She is definitely a daddy’s girl.” I comment, feeling jealous.

Caspian runs to me, wrapping his arms around my waist. He was only 9 but was quickly growing.

He looked exactly like his dad. Dark hair, green eyes, dimples.

“And he’s a mama’s boy.” Ace retorts, setting down Nola.

Caspian was always the quiet one. He rather sit in his room and read a book than interact with other kids.

I had no problem with it, but it did sometimes make me worry.

Birch was his twin, they looked nothing alike. Total opposites as well. One was reserved while the other was outgoing and playful.

Birch joins in on hugging me. Ace mocks Nola, “What about me?”

I throw my head back laughing, “Come here you big goof.”

I love my boys.

Nola pushes in between them, hugging me as well.

“I love you mama.”

“I love you too sweetheart.” I bend down kissing the top of her head. “Now Nola, Caspian and Birch….Go get dressed. We have a dinner with your aunt and uncle.”

Once the kids run upstairs, Ace grabs me, pulling me on top of him, on the couch. He turns on the tv, giving my butt a playful smack.

“How was work, pretty boy?” I reach behind me to play with his soft hair.

“Good. My father wants me to finally take over the family business.”

I squeal in excitement, “That’s amazing babe. Are you going to say yes?”

He frowns, shrugging. “The headquarters is in New York. I would be away all the time.”

The words he just stated immediately dampens my mood.


“Yeah….” He agrees, trailing off.

I grabs my hand, fiddling with my fingers. His finger traces the middle diamond on my wedding ring.

“I love you, Harlow.” Ace mumbles, nuzzling into my neck.

“I love you.” I kiss him on the lips before getting off him.

“Come on, Ace. We need to get ready.” I pull his heavy ass up as he groan and whines.

“Go help Nola.” I say, before walking up stairs.

“Yes dear!” He shouts after me making me smirk.

He’s such a goof ball.

God, I love him.

Who would of ever thought I would have fallen in love with a bad boy, who was also a part time prankster.

I think of my three beautiful children and my loving husband.

Life is fucking fantastic!

THE END officially!!!! The spin-off will be about Caspian’s story!!!

I’m so excited!!!!

See ya ✌🏼


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