Pokemon Journeys: Masters 8 Tournam...

Chapter 23 - The Girl who Understands the Hearts of Dragons

“Let’s go, Dragonite!” Iris yelled, “Dragon Pulse!”

Dragonite roared and shot a huge burst of flame at Aegislash. This caught everyone by surprise when the move was different from the dragon-type order.

Leon widened his eyes when he saw it was Flamethrower instead of dragon energy, “King’s Shield!”

A blue net extended in front of Aegislash, preventing the flames from going any forward. However, the flamethrower was just a distraction. Dragonite already flew to the back of Aegislash, and heavily slammed his Thunder Punch on Aegislash without Iris’s vocal commands. Aegislash took the damage but quickly maintained floating in the sky.

“What’s happening?” Leon sweated, but quickly wiped the sweat on his forehead, “Never mind that, use Sacred Sword! Let’s do this!”

Aegislash’s sword glowed bright and dashed to Dragonite, trying to slash its body at the dragon. Dragonite’s claws turned green without Iris’s commands, as the two pokemon clashed their sword and fists in short range. Both were moving in the air so quickly that the audience could only see a blur of green and a blur of red flying around the Stadium.

“She didn’t command Dragonite to use Flamethrower, Thunder Punch, and Dragon Claw,” Leon thought to himself, “Is she telepathically talking to her dragons? I thought that’s only possible for her Mega Garchomp…”

But there was no time for Leon to think. Dragonite caught the sword with his left claw, immobilizing Aegislash. The grumpy dragon immediately shot an Ice Beam point-blank at Aegislash, who shielded the beam with its shield.

“Throw the shield!” Leon snapped his fingers.

The shield was coated in ice, and Aegislash threw the frozen shield at Dragonite in a frisbee style like Captain America. Dragonite predicted the throw and ducked before the frisbee throw happened, effectively dodging the shield attack.

But the attack didn’t stop there, the frozen shield rebounded from the wall, and hit the back of Dragonite. The hit caused Dragonite to lose his hold on Aegislash’s sword, freeing the ghost sword.

“Now! Use Giga Impact!” Leon pushed his hand forward when he saw Dragonite’s opening.

Retrieving its shield, Aegislash cloaked itself in a cloud of white energy and charged at Dragonite at a high speed. Dragonite flapped his wings to create a strong gust of Hurricane in front of him. The wind current slightly pushed Aegislash to the left, causing the sword pokemon to miss Dragonite by an inch.

Aegislash’s sword crashed directly into the wall from the momentum and got its body stuck there. Dragonite didn’t waste time and shot a charge of Flamethrower at Aegislash.

“Slash the wall! Free yourself!” Leon knew his Aegislash could still battle.

Aegislash didn’t give up just yet: it slashed the wall with its sword, creating concrete debris and freeing itself from the wall. It quickly flung the debris at the flames with its sword and countered the flames with the flying debris effectively.

Grey smoke was created from the clash, but then Dragonite appeared from inside of the smoke with electricity in both claws, and punched Aegislash rapidly. Aegislash took a few punches before it could use its shield to block the Thunder Punches.

“That’s such a fast pace! She didn’t leave me time to breathe,” Leon got the cue that Iris was really telepathically communicating with her Dragonite, so he had to be the active one, “Pull off distance and use Shadow Sneak.”

Aegislash ducked Dragonite’s punch and slid underneath Dragonite. A shadow claw suddenly appeared in Dragonite’s shadow and slashed at his legs, causing the dragon to fall to the ground.

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