Phone Swap

Part 5- Unknown POV

I was sitting in my last class of the day, the class was quite boring so I scroll down on Facebook. I see a news that caught my attention “Lily Maxwell getting married in 3 days. Slapped her fiancé in public?” I was shocked, how can she do this to me. How can she marry, I won’t let this happen. 

I run out of the class, I hear my professor shout out for me. But I ignore him and go to my dorm. I called Lily, but no one answered. I kept on calling her continuously for an hour or two. I got tired and slept.

After about 30 minutes I heard my phone ring, I saw an unknown number calling. I answered “Hello?” I heard a sniff on the other side and a cute voice I so desperately wanted to hear said “Hey it’s me Lily, you called?” 

I asked her “Why were you not answering my calls?” She said “I swapped my phone with a guy and so I don’t have my phone. I am using his phone, in future for a few months you can contact me on this number. I miss you, please come back. I need you.”

I heard her cry and ask her “What the hell is going on? Why are you marrying Daniel? I thought he was like you brother.” She narrated me her story how parents forced her to marry Daniel and how he kissed her. I was so angry, I wanted to kill that bastard for hurting Lily.

I said “I am coming back tomorrow, be ready by mid night we are running away. We will deal with parents later on, but first we need to keep you away from that asshole.” She said “Okay I will be ready, but where will we go? I can’t stay in your dorm.” 

She always plan things before hand, she needs to be little carefree and enjoy her life. After I bring her away from her so called friend and family, I promise myself to give her all the happiness she deserves. I told her “Don’t worry about that, I will plan everything. Take care, see you soon. I need to go, have a road trip to plan. Bye.” She said “Okay bye, love you.” and disconnected the call.

I see my room partner sitting on his bed and looking at me worried. We have been best friends for the past 3 years. This is our last year in college and we plan to shift to London in future. He knows everything about me, even about Lily. 

He ask me “All okay, you look too angry. Why did you run out of class like that? I had to run behind you. I thought you were in danger or something bad happened. We surely are landing in detention during next class.”

“We will tell the professor we had family emergency and anyways we are not going to class for a few days.” Then I narrated him whole story of Lily and asked him to help me. He said “We can take my brother’s car and then we can bring her here.  That way it will be difficult to track you and Lily down.” 

I thought about it and said “That will be perfect! Now all I need to find is a place for her to live.” He again suggested “If you won’t mind and are okay with her staying with a gay couple, she can live with my brother and his boyfriend. They won’t mind, they were looking for a third person as their old roommate left.” 

I have met his brother and his boyfriend they were really cool and are good caring people so I won’t have to worry about Lily. I agreed and thanked him again. I don’t know what I would have done without him. I will forever be thankful to him for always being there for me.

Who do you think this unknown person is? Will they be successful in their plan?

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