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His, Hers

I laid in bed being plowed by Ward, my on-again, off-again lover for the past 3 years when suddenly there was the sound of a car pulling into the driveway. “She’s home!” I whispered as Ward immediately jumped off of me and ran into the closet. I got out of bed and started to get dressed as I heard the front door open. “Hey Rob, I’m home!” Called the sweet voice of my wife Alexis. “Hey Hun!” I called to her as I threw on my T-shirt and went downstairs. “What are you doing home?” I asked her as I rushed down the stairs. “I thought we could have lunch together, like we used to.” Said Alexis as I met her at the bottom of the stairs.”Sure.” I said sweetly.

Ten years ago I married my highschool girlfriend, Alexis Preston but that was only because I was too scared to tell everyone that I was gay. Though three years ago I went out to a restaurant with Alexis for my birthday and met Ward, ever since that night we’ve been having hot sex every week for three years.

After lunch with Alexis she went back to work and told me that she was going on a business trip for two weeks so I’d have the house to myself so immediately after lunch I told Ward. “God I can’t wait!” Said Ward as he kissed my neck.”It’s gonna be heavenly!” I said as he slid his hand down the front of my jeans.

*Warning Sexual Content*If you would not like to read please skip ahead to the next bold text

Ward started to jack me off but I stopped him and climbed on top of him kissing him. As I said on top of him I threw off my T-shirt and started to unbuckle my belt. Ward did the same then once we were completely naked he flipped me onto my back and started plowing me. I moaned a little as he plowed me deeper and deeper. Until we both came beautifully.

Sexual Content Over

We both laid next to each other holding hands. “I wish we could stay like this forever.” Said Ward as I smiled.”Me too.” I said softly as suddenly I heard my phone go off. I rolled over and checked it but immediately panicked. “Oh shit!” I said as I leaped out of bed and started getting dressed.”What? What is it?” Asked Ward as I sighed.”I’m late to pick up Scottie!” I said as I zipped up my fly.”Who’s Scottie?” Asked Ward as I paused realizing I had never actually told Ward about Scottie.”Scottie is my son.” I said softly as Ward shook his head.”Wait I thought you said you’ve known that you’re gay since highschool? Did you actually fuck Alexis!” Asked Ward as he seemed hurt.”Can we talk about this on the way?” I asked him as he sighed and nodded. We got dressed and started down the stairs.”You didn’t answer me Rob!” Barked Ward as I sighed.”In the first years of my marriage to Alexis, she said that the idea of pregnancy scared her but she still wanted a family and both our parents wanted grandkids, luckily I’m G Chromosome. We took her bone marrow and some stem cells to create sperm then nine months later I gave birth to Scottie.” I said as I walked out the door and Ward followed. “So no, I never slept with Alexis.” I said as we got in my car and I started it. “Even though I had him out of necessity, I still love my son more than anything in the world.” I said as I drove. “I just don’t understand why you didn’t tell me?” Asked Ward as I sighed.”I didn’t want to freak you out because we already have to deal with the pressures of an affair so I didn’t want to risk scaring you off before I figured out that we weren’t together only for the sex.” I said softly as Ward held my hand.”Well I would love to meet your son.” Said Ward as I smiled.

We pulled up to the elementary school Scottie attended and saw him sitting outside with his teacher. I quickly rushed out of the car and ran over to him. “Hey buddy! I’m so sorry I’m late!” I said as I knelt down in front of him. “It’s ok Daddy.” Said Scottie as he hugged me. “I got to play with Miss Jessie’s daughters.” Said Scottie as I rubbed his back.”Well that sounds like fun.” I said as I stood. “Thank you so much for looking after him.” I said to his teacher as she smiled.”It’s ok, he kept my girls busy.” Said the teacher as I took Scottie’s hand.”Bye Miss Jessie.” Said Scottie as he waved.”Bye Scottie have a fun weekend.” Said the teacher with a bright smile.”Scottie, this is Daddy’s friend Ward.” I said as Scottie looked at Ward.”Hi Ward. I like your keychain.” Said Scottie as he pointed to Ward’s keys hanging out of his pocket. The keychain was a metal Wonder Woman.”A fellow Wonder Woman fan I see.” Said Ward as Scottie nodded.”Yeah she’s really strong, stronger than any boy I know! She’s really pretty too and has the lasso of truth! I wish I had a lasso of truth.” Said Scottie as he hung his head.”Why is that?” Asked Ward as Scottie sighed.”Because Mommy promises that we’d go camping or go to Disney world every summer but then when Summer actually gets here she says next year! Plus David Platter stole my Pokemon cards and he told the teacher he didn’t even though I watched him! I just wish people would stop lying.” Said Scottie as he kicked his foot around.”Well Scottie let me tell you a little secret, if you ever wanna if someone is lying look for a tell. It could be as small as scratching their hand or looking slightly to the left but everyone has one so when you find it then look for it when you talk to them  and if they show their tell their lying but if they don’t they’re not.” Said Ward as that little tip blew Scottie’s mind.”Cool!” Said Scottie as Ward smiled at me and I smiled back.”Come on buddy let’s get in the car.” I said as Scottie nodded and got in the car. I buckled him into his booster seat and closed the door. “That was really cute, you’re great with him.” I said to Ward as Ward nodded.”Is what he said true though?” Asked Ward as I sighed.”It’s not even the half of it, she doesn’t just lie to him, she yells at him for playing in the living room, she ignores when he asks for help, and grounds him when he wants to play with his friends instead of her. She’s a horrible mother!” I said as Ward shook his head.”Wow! Why don’t you just take him and leave!” Suggested Ward as I sighed.”Believe me I’ve thought about it but I wouldn’t really have anywhere to go. My parents moved to Florida and my brother doesn’t really have the space for us.” I said as Ward held my hand.”You could come stay with me. I have plenty of space for you guys, my sister let’s me rent her lake house from her.” Said Ward as I sighed.”I’d need to talk it over with Scottie first.” I said softly as Ward nodded.”Yeah of course.”

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