one shots (randoms)


sitting up, laying against the headboard kc wiped her tears silently as she smoked her blunt. the days were just flying by like a loop of time rewinding over and over again.

her heartached as her eyes moved next to her where tav laid. he wasn’t wearing a shirt so his chest was out and around his neck was the singular gold chain that she loved hung in her face when he fucked her crazy.

his face was peaceful while she sat upset knowing it would be the last night both of them laid in bed together. she moved a finger to brush the scar on the side of his face near his eye and he let out a sigh moving an inch closer to her hand. she bit her lip as her tears rolled down her cheeks. she loved her hand from his face so she could wipe her tears. she licked her lips tasting a bit of the blunt and salty taste of the tears.

she shook her head slightly a small sad smile upon her face. she put the blunt out in the ashtray on the nightstand near the bed. she leaned her head back into the headboard closing her eyes.

memories flooded her brain and flashed through the back of her eyelids like she was reliving each and every moment. especially one in specific which happened not too long.


tav came through the front opening of their three story home seeing a sweet kc waiting for him in the living room. she was only 5’3 but had an attitude and fake dominance of a 6 foot man when she was pushed to a point.

soon as she seen him she got up smiling ear to ear and jumped on him. he had been gone for a few days handling ‘business’as he told her. he hurriedly picked her up and kissed her roughly gripping her tightly.

“oh baby you missed me bad” tav joked to kc. she rolled her eyes playfully at him but shook her head yeah and kissed him sweetly.

she tapped his shoulder indicating she wanted to be put down and he did just that. she grabbed his bigger hand with her smaller one dragged him to the kitchen.

she smiled at the set up she did for him. once in the kitchen he put his briefcase he carried on the far counter then grabbed her hand again.

there was flowers in the table with a good large meal for a good buff in muscle of a man. “thank you so much baby you didn’t have to do all this for me” he goes to wash his hands then moved toward the table setting. “you can’t come home to just nothing” she smiled and followed suit washing her hands also. “i don’t come home to nothing i come home to you that’s everything.”

and with that he gives her a forehead kiss. he waited until she got to the table, he pulled her chair out and pushed her in. “thank you” she shyly mumbled. once she started to eat he began eating too. he stopped sometimes just to stare at her. he admired her at the weirdest times.

she licked her lips as she finished getting the sauce off and at that he hardened in his pants.

they usually had quickies whenever and wherever it never mattered. if she was horny he was always making sure she got off and the same was reciprocated back.

“shit” he mumbled under his breath but she still heard it. she looked up soon as she heard his mumbled word. she moved out her seat making her way to him. she had a large shirt on that reach her knees since it was his shirt.

he moved his seat back seeing that she was coming his way and he used one hand to try to adjust his boner in his pants but to no use it didn’t work really.

“what’s wrong baby” she asked him staring into his eyes as she gripped his shoulders sitting on his lap. “oh mβ€” baby i’m fine” he spilled out after clearing his throat trying to focus on her eyes too. she moved back sittin on his dick causing him to hiss and grab her hips. she smiled softly “i don’t think you are, you should feel under my shirt”

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