One More Time

Heading Out

————————————————– ————————————————–

I am mad…for me to stoop so low I can’t help but curse at myself for actually going that. My expectation of her was too much that it got the better of my judgment. Never again, I’ll try not to use that again. In my defense, I thought Akali had experienced that before but it seems like I was wrong. I groaned inside my mind, for being careless and for acting too rash.

I raised my body and I felt my eyes cooling off a little. I peeked at Akali wondering if she’d get scared again but I’m certain my eyes returned to normal. I’m curious though, what did they see whenever I cast my bloodlust to them? I experienced it from the others but we all concluded that it was different. They said mine was a demon and it ended there, I wish they could have told me more but we were too busy for small talks. In our mind, we had an ability and that was just it.

Enough, time to deal with the mess I caused. Akali noticed my gaze and this time she looked at me and sighed. That sigh was filled with relief so I’m sure my eyes turned back to normal. Just as I was about to say something, Akali groaned and laid her back on the grass which had the same color as my eyes right now. It may seem empty but it’s better to tell rather than let her dwell that she deserved it. No one does, no one.

“I am really sorry for showing you that,” I said nervously but I  heard her giggle as if what I said was a joke. It was confusing so I looked at her not directly but just so I could see what she’s doing.

“Don’t be, it was really scary but it was also an experience. To be in death’s door…so that’s how it feels,” Akali replied making me frown. For a ninja in Ionia, she didn’t experience that yet huh. Looking at her place not as a ninja but as a popstar then it would seem she was treated kindly.

“You think I can do that? The way you released your intent to kill along with your thirst for massacre is really impressive,” Akali replied.

I let out a monotone hum as I thought about it. Should I be honest with her? It’s a little impossible for her to reach how we do it but maybe she can. Let’s not make her hopeful but I should say something that doesn’t break her spirit too much.

“In a way,” I replied and heard her chuckle.

“That’s a no huh,” she responded. I chuckled at her reply but it was also to laugh at my stupidity.

“Yeah,” I replied when it felt like lying my way out was a little impossible.

Akali scoffed before rising and looking at me. I can tell she was observing me but then she just grabbed the sickle with her right arm and sighed. It felt tempting to ask her why the sigh but let’s not. For all I know I caused her nothing but trouble, she might even see me as a foe right now and I might be packing my bags up later.

Mmh, someone’s here, that footsteps indicate to be sloppy. I turned around to see who it was and noticed Ahri who had a confused look. She was wearing a pink sweater along with a white shirt underneath and black shorts. Now this seems to be complicated, how should I explain this to her. Akali turned to see Ahri and sighed as she finally stood up and hid the sickle in her pouch. That gained my attention when that small thing was able to hide it completely.

“Morning Gumiho, you might need to order some food if your planning to eat,” Akali said with an innocent smile. So we’re going to hide what happened here huh, that’s a little troublesome on my part when the daggers were basically beside me.

“Well that too, I just came here to tell Y/N were going to the mall. I need to buy some cosmetics along with some necessities that Y/N would be using,” Ahri replied with closed eyes as she scratched her stomach. That was my cue as a butler that I should prepare, I stood up and nodded before looking at Akali.

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