Ocean Eyes

c h a p t e r t w o

A week has passed.

People were coming to see the merman, as they decided to call it.

We had the news coming, and journalists all around the world traveled to our aquarium. Well-known scientists came to our aquarium just to be able to work on this case.

All because of him.

To say that the aquarium was the center of attention in the world would be an understatement.

I saw him a couple of times after they discovered his species.

Every single time I entered a room, he would always know that I was there.

I would always feel his stare burning in on my back.

Like when Peter called me over to give him coffee, his head would turn in my direction.

It was strange.

I felt this weird pull to him, but I wasn’t the only one.

The whole female population did.

He had this aura around him; inviting.

I shook my head as I walked into the aquarium.

There was no one at the entrance or the aquarium; I was the only one.

I sighed.

The silence created peace inside my head.

I walked to the office and pushed open the door.

I placed my backpack on a nearby chair and came up to the assignment board.

Feeding duty: C83U-23.

My breath caught in my throat.

What was I supposed to feed him?

It’s not like I could give him dead fish, or anything that fish normally ate.

He was something completely different.

I groaned and hit my head against a nearby wall.

Why me?

I looked up at the board in hopes that it would hold the answers.


I sighed.

Might as well get over it.

I got out of the office and headed to the food storage.

I opened the door and cringed at the smell of fish.

Maybe he really likes dead anchovies. I mean, his people do live in the ocean.


I shook my head and headed to his tank.

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