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“Good morning! I cooked breakfast! Though it’s kinda…burnt”

Eichi opened her eyes and saw Baji first thing in the morning, holding a breakfast tray with the foods he tried to cook with love and wearing an apron without nothing beneath it except his underwear. Hair’s in a bun too.

“Oh…you cooked. That’s odd.” she said with her husky morning voice and sat up, rubbing her eyes before wearing her glasses.

Baji nodded and excitedly walked towards her to give her a forehead kiss. “That’s not odd. You just need to get used to it.”

Used to it huh?

She chuckled.

“After all, we’re married.” he added that made her stop for a moment.


“Yamada san? Wake up. The prof’s already gone. You’re the only one left here.” to her surprise, Eichi didn’t thought that she actually fell asleep during the discussion. She looked around and it’s true that she’s the only one there.

Week’s been hell tiring and the requirements are nonstop that she barely get some sleep.

“Oh. I see. Thanks for waking me up.” after thanking her block mate she gather up her things and left the room to go home.

It’s been 5 years now and she’s already on her sophomore year of being as a veterinary college student. She choose to stay and continue her studies until she graduated in Hokkaido which means she never gone back home except if it is holiday or semester break.

And in that span of years, there’s no time that she stopped dreaming about him. It is mostly about the things that happened in the past or things that they planned to happen and sometimes it’s just too random yet he’s still involve. Just like her dream earlier.

Married to him?

She laughed it off. Thinking there’s no way that’s going to happen. Especially that she’s the one who broke whatever tie and bond they have before.

Eichi dropped by the grocery store to buy her dinner before riding the train. Once she reached her apartment since high school, she right away started cooking for herself. After that she took a bath and gone to sleep.

Morning classes, organization events, home works, reports… It’s the routine of her college life. She got busier and busier. But she still didn’t forget to call her mom to check up on them.

“I like you, Yamada-san.” Eichi sighed. This is not the first that someone confessed to her. But despite of that, she continuously rejecting each and one of them.

The reason is…. She’s still not yet fully healed.

“I’m sorry. By my plate’s so full now and I don’t have time to date.” That’s what she’s always saying. Creating a busy woman image to avoid them and yet they’re just stubborn enough and keep asking to date her.

Why me though? I’m not even socially active…

The guy even gave her a hand written letter but she just put it inside a box where she keep the letters she’s receiving since then, once she returned home. And it is a separate box that he gave.

The time flies so fast and the semester already ends. She would be a third year the next time she enter university. It is time to go back home to spend her break with her family.

“Yeah. I’m already here. Hurry up, it’s freezing cold.” she said on her phone talking to Saito.

Unfortunately, she got back in Tokyo at night as it is the only available ticket when she bought. She forgot to book, that’s why.

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