Natasha Romanoff - Fluff One Shots

Morning & Night

In the context of love, it is known fact that opposites attract. That’s why both you and everyone around you believed you and Natasha to be the perfect couple. Don’t be mistaken, the two of you had plenty in common. Shared interests, similar humour, an equal attraction to one another.

But one distinguishable difference.

Natasha was notoriously and morning person. She was the kind of girl to wake up at 6am sharp every morning, without the need for an alarm and be productive straight away if needs be. As soon as morning came around she was wide awake, alert, and urging to get on with her day. It’s what makes her such a productive person. She could workout or go for a run in the morning; she could sit out on the balcony and read a book as the sun rose; she could make breakfast before anyone else in the compound had a chance to use up all of the good food. She was a morning person through and through. Always has been, always will be.

You on the other hand… total opposite.

Unlike Natasha, you were a a huge night owl. You found the evenings to be the time of day when you were the most awake and full of energy. No matter how much you wanted to get up early you couldn’t yet you could easily stay up all night if you had to. Parties until 5am – easy. Doing all your paperwork while everyone else in the compound sleeps – the norm. Staying awake and watching the stars; listening to music; endless midnight snacks; the evening hours were where you thrived. You had been a night owl since you could remember. Always have been, always will be.

This was a known fact among the other compound residents. Even before the two of you began dating, this defining difference between the two of you was easily discernible.

Everyone knew it and certain times or specific interactions made this all the more obvious. Yet somehow, it just worked. Some may think that a couple having such different waking hours could have a somewhat negative effect on a relationship but the two of you… well, worked.

Natasha took good care of you in those gruelling moments when you had no choice but to break from your perfect cycle and get up and an ungodly hour in a morning for some sort of meeting or mission:

— Morning —

7am Sunday – Meeting day

As Natasha sits comfortably upright in your shared bed, resting against the headboard, reading one of her favourite books, she notices the time displayed on the clock sitting on your bed side table.


Today there was a meeting. After a week long mission lasting up until Saturday morning, finishing with a celebratory party on Saturday night, Fury called a meeting for 7:30 sharp in the compounds conference room to debrief. Having been awake for an hour, basking in the morning calm as you slept peacefully beside her, Natasha knew what time it was.

She never dreaded this time, seeing as grumpy-morning Y/N happened to be among many of Natasha’s favourite versions of you, however she knew these things never came with ease. She slid her bookmark, which happened to be a row of photo booth photos of the two of you from one of your many dates over the years, into her book and placed it on her bedside table.

She stroked the side of your face delicately. Carefully ridding some stray hairs from out of your face. The back of her index finger running up and down your cheek softly as she admired your tired yet blissful looking expression. Leaning down to press a kiss to the side of your face, she began her wake up process. The kisses ran gently all the way from the corner of your mouth right up to the back of your ear.

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