My Sexy Next Door Neighbor

Romano's POV

 She’s the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. The way her beautiful black wavy hair bounces as she walked inside her home, making me want to run my fingers through it. Her skin was bright as day. 

She has no idea that I’ve been noticing her ever since I moved here.

I also caught her looking out the window yesterday when my sister, Sophia came to visit me.

After she left I went back inside my house, sitting down. I had to find a way to get to know her. She’s gonna be mine.

Staring at the window, I saw her carrying her grocery bags back and forth inside her home.

Perfect this is a chance for me to say something. Just as I was getting ready to see if she needed help, she grabbed the last bag then went inside.

Oh well, I’ll find a way to talk to her,  just waiting for the perfect moment.

I just moved here two weeks ago when I saw an ad online. I’ve been a chef at Angelo’s for four years. I love it. When I was five  I’ve always had a passion food, so that’s when I wanted to be a chef.

My phone started ringing, it was my mother. Oh, God helps us.  ”Son! You promised me you’d call me!” She exclaimed.

I blew out a sigh.

I was supposed to call her but completely forgot.

“Sorry, mom I was busy. But you should see my new place.”  I said hoping to calm her down.

”You know I will son. I have to go now your Father is making our dinner for our anniversary and I want to make sure he knows what he’s doing.) I laughed.  ”Okay, Mother. I love you.” I said.

 ”I love you too.” She said after hanging up.

I looked around my house seeing that I still had a few more things to buy but it would be good as new once it was decorated.

I was getting ready to get something to eat when I heard a loud piercing scream coming from outside. I jumped up quickly, looking out the window to see who it was.

It was her.


*Brianna POV*

I screamed from the top of my lungs when I saw a snake in my driveway. I was just going to get something out of my car, just when I heard a hissing sound. I looked everywhere but couldn’t find anything. Then suddenly. I found a snake on the ground by my car.

And that’s when I started screaming. I honestly didn’t know what to do. That snake was huge, I never saw anything like this one. It had brown scaly skin, evil eyes, and just overall scary.

“Are you okay?” A deep voice said behind me. I turned around and see it was the handsome neighbor.

“No, not really. I found a snake.” I pointed to where the snake was.

He looked to where I was pointing. “Yep, that’s a pretty big one. Let me call animal control for you.” His voice had an Italian accent in it which makes him more attractive.

He took out his phone then started dialing. He gave them the information about what had happened.

This man was even more handsome up close. His eyes were blue like the ocean, he looked like he was 6 feet tall. “Okay, they’ll be here.” He says, putting his phone in his pocket.

“Thank you. I’m Brianne by the way.” I take out my hand.

He accepts my handshake. “Brianne. I’m Romano.” He takes my hand and kisses it.

I blushed, the way he said my name was very slow, I just wanted him to say it again and again.

“Nice to meet you Romano,” I said.

After some time animal control came. The man grabbed the snake, quickly putting in the bag. It was difficult at first because of how aggressive the snake was. We thanked the man getting the snake then he drove off.

I was relieved but still a little shaken up.

Romano placed his hand on my back. “Would you like to have a drink?” He asked.

No way I was going to go inside his house without his wife gone. I shook my head.

“Um no thanks, I should go.”

He studies me for a moment, searching for something in my eyes. “Just one. Please, you look shaken.”

I have to admit I really was. Maybe just one drink then I’ll quickly leave before the wife comes.

“Okay,” I said.


If anyone knows who this guy is (pic above) please comment. I’m so desperate to find him.

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