My Savior


Carmen P.O.V.

Opening my eyes I look around and realize I stayed the night at Xavier’s house last night. Sitting up and sitting on the edge of the bed I stand up and make my way into the bathroom to take a well needed shower. Turning on the water I set it at the right temperature and start getting undressed as I stand in front of the big mirror. Staring at the scars and bruises that litter my body I feel a lone tear fall down my cheek thinking about what I’ve been through these past 11 years with Jack. Stepping into the shower I feel the hot water cascade down my body and relax my tense muscles.

Opening the bathroom door with a towel wrapped around my body I see Xavier sitting on the edge of the bed. “Do you have a sweatshirt I can use,” I ask as I tighten my hold on the towel making sure it won’t fall. Xavier stand up and walks into his closet and walk back out with a white sweatshirt in his hands. Standing in front of me he looks at the bruises on my neck and on my chest. Lifting his hand up he slides his finger over the bruises on my neck “Don’t” I say as they are still tender. He backs away from me and hands me the sweatshirt. “Meet me downstairs when you’re done getting ready,” he says as he walks out the door and shuts it behind him. Sliding on my undergarments I grab my white skinny jeans I was wearing yesterday and put on Xavier’s sweatshirt. Putting on my air force 1 I open the bedroom door and make my way downstairs “Xavier,” I call not seeing him anywhere “In the kitchen,” I hear him say.

Walking into the kitchen I see pancakes, bacon, eggs and toast on two different plates “You made breakfast,” I question as I sit on one of the stools at the island “Yeah I figured you might be hungry,” he says sitting next me. Grabbing my silverware I start to dig into the breakfast that Xavier made for me.

“Thank you for breakfast,” I say as I grab out plates and start washing them in the sink “You don’t have to do the dishes,” Xavier says as he tries to take the sponge from my hand. “Don’t worry about I’m used to doing the dishes,” as I realize what I said I quickly add on “Plus you cooked and I don’t mind doing them.” Xavier sighs and sits back on the stool waiting for me to be done.

Opening the front door Xavier beats me to the car and opens the passenger side door for me “thank you,” I say as he shuts on the door and walks over to his side of the car. Putting the car into gear he grabs my hand and interlace are fingers, but this time I don’t pull my hand away missing the feeling of his hand in mine. Letting out a sigh I say “I know you want answers from me about everything and I want to tell you everything believe me I do, but I’m sorry I can’t. It’s for the best I can protect you by not saying anything.” Pulling over on the side of the rode Xavier slides his seat back and grabs me by the hips and sits me to where I’m straddling his legs “I don’t need you protecting me. I want you safe and I can’t have that when you’re not honest with me.” Leaning my forehead against his I run my fingers through his hair as I say “You might not need protecting, but I’d do anything to keep you safe even if that means me getting hurt.” Xavier lets out a sigh as he realizes he lost this battle with me once again “Let’s get to school,” he says as he sits me back into my own seat and drives the way to school. Parking the car Xavier opens the door for me and grabs my hand interlacing out fingers together. Walking towards my locker I see Avery and Ryan standing there with their hands interlaced like Xavier and I’s. “So, you two finally together,” I joke thinking how Avery has been crushing on him since school started “Yeah and I see you two finally get together,” she sasses back with a smile on her face. Not wanting to respond to that I open my locker and grab my book and start making my way to my class still holding onto Xavier’s hand.

As my last class finishes for the day I walk out to the hallway and see Xavier standing there waiting for me “Need a ride home,” he asks me walking towards me and interlacing our fingers together “Yeah sure I could use one,” I say walking through the school doors towards his car. Xavier opens the passenger side door for me and closes the door making his way to the driver side. Interlacing our fingers together Xavier asks “So I was wondering if you wanted to go on a double date with Avery and Ryan tonight,” I pretend to think about already knowing my answer “Yes I would love to go on a double date with you,” I say as he laughs and raises our conjoined hands up to his lips and places a kiss on my hand. “Good, I wasn’t going to take a no for an answer,” he says pulling into my driveway. “What time are you picking me up,” I ask as he opens the door for me and grabs my hand to help me out. “I’ll be here at 7:00 to pick you up, love,” he says as he places a kiss on my forehead. Walking away from Xavier I open my front door and shut it, as I turn around I am greeted with a slap to the face by Jack. “This is going to be fun,” he says as he start punching and kicking in my direction.

An hour later….

Hearing Jack walk away and out the door I lift my beaten body of the ground and look at the time realizing I have an hour and a half to get ready for the double date. Walking into the bathroom I take a quick shower and brush my teeth and brush my hair out. Stepping into my closet I look through my clothes trying to find something to wear. Looking down at my legs I see that there are no bruises on my legs so I could wear a skirt if I wanted. I pick out a white cropped tank top and a see through tan cardigan to go over it and a skirt with flowers on it a brown belt with chains dangling from it and grab my air force 1 to go with it.

Leaving my hair down in its natural curls I grab my phone as I hear my door bell ring. Running down the stairs ignoring the pain in my ribs I open the door to see Xavier standing there with a bouquet of flowers in his hands. “Wow,” I hear him whisper as I feel a blush coming onto my cheeks ” You look gorgeous, love,” he says as he looks over my outfit. “You don’t look to bad yourself, handsome” I feel my eyes go wide at what I just called him he smiles and says “Thank you, oh these are for you,” handing me the beautiful bouquet of flowers into my hands. “Thank you,” I say as I quickly put these in the kitchen and walk back towards him. Interlacing our fingers we start walking towards his car when he places a small kiss on my forehead making a smile appear on my face. Opening the passenger side door for me he shuts the door and makes his way to the driver side of the car. As Xavier starts driving down the road I feel him place his hand on my thigh making tingles go through my body at just the touch of him. What are you doing to me Xavier? I think as I lay my hand on top of his keeping his hand on my thigh.

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