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This is just a quick explanation before reading deeper into the book. It will make things easier to understand! Please remember that I do NOT follow the ‘rules’ the werewolf genre does!

QUESTION: Why can’t Kronos mind-link Rhea even though their mates? He can mind-link everyone else but not her?

ANSWER: I’ve made it where mates are more sacred. It’s a lot like real life where you have to work for your relationships. You don’t get the benefits all at once. Kronos and Rhea CANNOT mind-link unless they’re mated.

AKA: sexy time. *wiggles brows*

There were TWO requirements for the mind-linking for MATES to take place.

1. Be in the same pack.

Which is, CHECK! Rhea is back in the pack.

2. Get mated and marked.

NOT CHECK. Not even close. Nada.

Conclusion: No mind-linking .


Second question!

QUESTION; Why can’t Rhea mind-link anyone?

ANSWER: Think of it this way, you’ve been gone from your friends for a long time. Long distance maybe. Rarely talk. Then, you come back. There’s gonna be some silence, right? Maybe, maybe not.

But Rhea has been gone from her pack for years. She has not once gone back.

The bond has weakened. Her relationships with the pack is weak which is why she needs to take time and reestablish her place.

She also still needs to go through her ceremony as their Luna. THIS… is very important because she’s technically not really in the pack at the moment.

So in time, she lost her ability to mind-link with her pack members.

I hope this makes sense!

Please leave any comments if it’s still kinda confusing!

Thank you for all your feedback.

Enjoy! ❤️

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