My Mute Husband (Taekook)


Firstly lemme tell you one think no body knows that Mr. Kim has two son only grandma knows that V is not mute he can talk but his identity is hidden he always introduces himself as kim Taehyung.

In this chapter V gonna marry jungkook!!!…But V don’t want to marry him so he is running from here . And he had deal with Taehyung!! You will know about it in further chapters…

Jungkook hate taehyung coz he is mute….

Get back to story….

“Jungkook son I want you to marry Kim Taehyung son of Kim”. A man of around 60 said to jungkook.Jungkook just rolled his eyes  in frustration and said. “Grandpa I don’t want to marry that mute boy”. It’s not his problem that he is mute!!..

“I don’t want to listen anything dickhead young man you have to marry him or else I’m not going to do any kind of surgery ” the old man said. “Okkay I’ll marry him grandpa calm down!! “. Jungkook said to his grandpa…

……………….Time skip….

Taehyung pov…

Door open and my heart started beating fast like a bullet train .I have to marry him for sake of my grandma.. I’ll do it..Fighting Taehyung…

I  was walking aisle with Jungkook’s grandpa as I’m not having any besides my grandma and she is in hospital she even don’t know about me that I’m going to marry Jeon Jungkook…

I walked all the way head down . As I reached there I slightly look up and damm I was shock with a look of that man he is so perfect. Handsome, muscular too.

He has doe eyes perfect lips. I blushed a little….

Jungkook pov

Door open and I looked at the Direction of the door my grandpa is walking aisle with Taehyung then my eyes landed on Taehyung he is so cute handsome beautiful no words to say he is perfect with tiny waist chubby cheeks but he is mute!!

I don’t want to marry a mute boy.He slightly looked and me and my grandpa give is hand to me I hold his hand smirk …

Anyone’s Pov…

Soon the wedding started ..

Mr.Kim Taehyung do you take Mr.jeon jungkook as your wedded husband he said and tae nodded!!!

Mr Jeon Jungkook do you take Mr Kim Taehyung as your wedded husband..

I do…he said

Now I pronounce u as soulmates or wedded partner.Husband and husband..

You both can kiss each other….

Taehyung pov…

I didn’t kissed anyone in my life . I’m lil nervous it will be my first kiss.. jungkook lean toward me and hold my tiny waist and kissed me. We kissed for few seconds and he pulled off and whispered in my ears….

You fucking mute want to marry me..Now happy..Hope you will regret marring me..I’m not gonna love you………..


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