My Foolish Empress

Chapter 10-Final

I ended having a date with the emperor.

It was peaceful. Behind us was the eunuch and the maid followed us close by.

We have simple conversation.

“What your majesty want to do during free times…i mean when Xiao Yi grew up… ” I started.

Unfortunately he didnt reply my question instead asking me what should i do when Xiao Yi grew up.

“I love if i could travel around the empire…” I replied excitedly.

“together with your majesty… ” I ended with low voice.

I avoided contact with the emperor due to feeling embrasse.  I was shocked when the emperor agreed with my idea.

“Then when we not travelling we can visit Xiao Yi… ” I suggested excited.

“Or we could let him visit us together with his wife… ” The emperor replied.

“Marry?… I dont think all his wife can fit in our home…” I lamented the idea.

“I can decree issue that he can only marry only one wife before giving him the throne… ” The emperor suggested.

I nodded agreed.


Author note:

That the end of My Foolish Empress, author here hope reader enjoy the story.


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