My Destined Alpha Mate

Welcome back.

Souline’s POV

Soon I heard my name being yelled as my mother was coming towards me . As soon as I saw her my tears started running down my face again .

” MOM ! ” I said as I hugged her tightly , missing her motherly hug .

” Oh baby ” she said as she pulled me tighter.

” Dad ” I sighed as I felt him hug us .

” your in big trouble ” he said playfully .

” what ever for dad ” i told him playfully .

” i think there’s someone who wants to talk to you ” said my dad pulling away .

I looked in the direction he was looking and there stood Freya , looking at me anxiously .

” Soul I —” she started but I pulled her in for a hug .

” I’m glad your ok ” I muttered as I pulled her to me .

” Souline , thank you for everything you did for me . You— you saved me two times . You helped me out when you knew you wouldn’t be getting out . And then— you gave your life for mine . ” she said as she started crying .

” and I’d do it again ” I told her . That just caused her to laugh and cry more .

” no please , no more saving me ” she said as she pulled away.

After I hugged everyone and cried some more Jaxon was pulling me back to the pack doctor to check on me and the babies after all that stuff that just happened .

I saw the doctor as he smiled at me and introduced himself .

” ok Souline lay on the bed and im going to listen to the babies hearts ” he said as he got his machine out and brought a whole screen towards him .

” it might be a little cold ok ” he said as he put the blue jelly on my stomach causing me too flinch at the coldness .

” ok here’s your babies , there’s twin one which is the boy ” he said point at the first baby .

” and here’s twin two , your baby girl ” he said smiling as he pointed at my Baby girl .

I just admired my babies on the screen smiling hard , I looked over to Jaxon to see he was already looking at me .

He smiled at me as he brought my hand up to his mouth and kissed it as he held it close to him .

” Ok everything seems to be fine with the babies , now let’s check on you ” he said as he cleaned the blue Jelly of my stomach .

He checked all my vitals and made sure everything was ok with me before releasing me .

” Let’s go baby ” he said as he picked me up and carried me out the room .

Soon we were in his room and we were laying down for  a nap . He pulled me flush against him and had his head on top of mine .

” I missed you Souline , I — I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t gotten you back . ” he whispered hugging me tighter .

” I’m sorry Jaxon .. I’m here now . And I’m not leaving ” I whispered back as I started to fall asleep .

” I love you Souline ” he whispered .

And right before I closed my eyes I whispered ” I love you ” .

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