My crush on the Cheerleader (gxg)

Random bonus- The surprise

Hi so I wrote this a while ago it includes Addison and Blair but in a different kind of world with different friends so its not centred on them but they are mentioned. Nonetheless I hope you guys enjoy.  It also involves my characters from No homo as a little world collide cameo thing lol. 

The Surprise

“Do I have to go?” I question with an exasperated groan.

“Yes, you have to. You’ve already promised,” Addison my best friend replies.

I turn back at the mirror glancing at my emerald dress once again. Although I’m not a fan of blind dates I am kind of excited, after all Addison met her girlfriend on one and they’ve been dating ever since.

“Can you at least tell me his name?” I ask giving her puppy dog eyes.

She seemed to ponder over what I said for a moment before giving me an answer, “Fine. I’m only telling you because I knew Blair’s name before I met her. His name is Harry.”

Harry. It’s a nice name. I just hope he is.

“So, how do you know Harry?”

Addison seemed to hesitate then looked at me, “My friend Liam knows him.”

“Liam as in my ex-boyfriend Liam?” I question incredulously. Liam is the first boy I properly fell for, but he could never love me, he was already in love with someone else.

“He’s totally cool with it. Liam wants you to be happy and thinks that Harry is perfect for you. After all he’s moved on why shouldn’t you?”

“Okay, but I’m only doing this because I said I would,” I stated then finished getting ready.

Looking at my phone I see that he’s already late. Glancing up I gaze at all the people around the room. It’s a surprisingly fancy restaurant and I feel massively underdressed. The food all around me smells mouth wateringly good and I feel ravenous by the sight alone.

I sit there patiently trying not to feel too embarrassed as the waiter comes up to me once again. Dismissing him away he gives a sympathetic look as he knows that I’m waiting for someone.

I hear the door open but don’t pay much attention, I’ve been disappointed every time I see a young man come in and then go over to a table that isn’t mine. The thought of my heart lurching as soon as I hear the door makes me feel ashamed, I didn’t even want to go to this, why do I suddenly care so much?

The chair across from me moves and I let myself glance up to who I’m assuming is Harry. I sure hope it is because the guy standing in front of me might just be the most stunning man I’ve ever seen. His hair is a messy chocolate colour mixed with hazel and his face looks angelic it’s so perfect. He has icy blue eyes which contrast against his porcelain skin.

“Hello are you Alyssa?” His voice is silky, smooth and instantly calming, any nerves I once had are long gone.

“Yes. And you are Harry?” I ask even though I already know he must be. Some part of me thinks that this must be some sort of elaborate prank. How could I have been matched with someone this perfect?

As well as him being crazy good looking we got on like a house on fire. Every part of him is perfect from the way he looks to the way he acts. His personality is amazing, and we like all the same things. We’ve even got the same favourite author so we must be made for each other.

The date finishes too soon and all I want to do is spend more time with him. It’s like a spark has ignited inside of me and I want to spend as much time as possible with him.

“Do you maybe want to hang out round mine for a bit? Not to be creepy or anything just for a few drinks,” He rambles in the way I find extraordinarily cute.

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