my brothers best friend

4 years later

4 years later

“Sam, do you see Arrow’s tablet anywhere?I can’t find it and she’s throwing a fit for it,” I yell across the house.

“Can’t help you right now, Luke is crying and Addie won’t leave my leg alone! She’s clinging to it!” Sam yells back I sigh under my breath. These kids will be the death of me one day I know it. The twins have been so good till I got pregnant with Luke. Now all they do is annoy me and Sam. I still love them though. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The thought of lossing them is so scary. I remembered that night when I got rushed to the hospital with a scare that the doctors told us they thought they were gone. However, they were asleep and moving. And the pains I was having was just the gas. Let me just say. I will never go back there ever, again. Though, I had the babies, but they were born so early, therefor they had to stay at the hospital for at least 3 months.

I was brought out of my thoughts when a toy truck hits me in the face. I turned around, and looking at me, was a very giggly Arrow. I know I had to what any parent would do. I spanked her, and then she gets mad. She throws a fit and completely loosing the situation, she goes running to Sam about how much she hates me for it. Ugh 4 year olds nowadays, am I right? Oh and let’s not forget after I took the baby’s home, Sam purposed to me, and we had a big happy wedding. And it didn’t take long till I had baby number 3. Now I have 3 amazing kids. I graduated from online school, and I have great job.

I love the way it all turned out for me and Sam. I may have three little dutyheads, as they call me, but in the end, were just a growing family. Hold, on I didnt mean growing family heck no! No more kids.

As a big happy family.

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