My Billionaire Alpha {Chosen Mates...


I want to thank you all for taking the opportunity to read my new book “My Billionaire Alpha” I hope that every one of you enjoy it to your hearts content. I do want to apologize for my lack in grammar when reading the story. 

Please note that this book is a work of fiction and everything written from my imagination. 

All names. characters, locations, etc are all made up by me. 

All pictures and videos are all from Google and Pinterest and belong to it’s rightful owner.



Serenity Rose : 25 year old veterinarian. Ever since she was a young girl she loved animals and work hard in becoming a veterinarian. With long light brown hair that shimmers gold in the sun light. Eyes deep green as beautiful emerald’s. Serenity is self-conscious about her body even though she is very beautiful in the eyes of other people.

Sean Bellaire : 28 year old and youngest Billionaire CEO in New York and Alpha of the Midnight Rain pack. With dark black hair and amazing electric blue eyes and a well built body he is able to make any women fall for him. Sean has yet to find his mate and is still looking for her even when his parents arranged a marriage meeting between him and his childhood friend Paisley Hughes who he rejected of the marriage. Only his mate can be the one.

Fiona Rose : 26 year old who works as a receptionist at one of the grand hotels Sean Bellaire owns and Serenity’s older sister. With short dark brown hair and pale green eyes. Fiona enjoys making Serenity’s life a living hell every chance she gets even daring to steal her boyfriend Ethan Gray.

Ethan Gray : 28 year old rich boy who thinks working is a wast of time and is dating Serenity just to get in her pants. He sleeps with her sister Fiona behind Serenity’s back and even going so far as to lying to her that he has a job just to look good in her eyes. He has brown hair and brown eyes and not so well built. 

Paisley Hughes : 27 year old female Beta of the Dark Moon pack and good friends to the Midnight Rain pack. With shoulder length red hair and silver eyes with a model like body many in her pack consider Paisley to be the most prettiest in the pack. She also holds a crush on Sean her child hood friend and will get him to fall for her even if that means making sure he never finds his mate.  

Melody Jones : 25 year old veterinarian and best friend to Serenity. With shinny amber hair and chocolate brown eyes. She hate’s Serenity’s sister Fiona and sometimes get’s into fights with her. Melody also seems to hold many mysteries about herself. 

David Hunt : 27 year old vampire and pack doctor in the Midnight Rain Pack. Very much a comedian man but can get serious when need be. He has short black hair and brown eyes that turn blood red when drinking blood. 

Darren Bright : 28 year old beta of the Midnight Rain Pack and Sean’s best friend. He works as a personal assistant to Sean and very much enjoys his work. Will dark green eyes and chestnut brown hair he is said to be the second most hottest in the pack. 

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