mute ➛ minsung



Lunch time rolled around slowly that day. The sound of the clock ticking in the back of Minhos English classroom was enough to drive anyone to the point of insanity

“You’re making me nervous, Minho” Seungmin whispers softly from the chair beside him as he turns to look at the boy

“Sorry” He mumbled quietly

“Jisung loves you too. Even a blind man could see-“

“Not funny, minnie” Minho hisses quietly as he picks up his pen and begins scribbling notes in his book

“Sorry” He responds “Just trying to help”

“I know” Minho looks towards him and sents him the smallest of smiles “You’re a good friend, Seungmin”


When all of Stray kids finally reached the lunch table, everyone but Jisung knew what was about to happen. Minho, who sat quietly, stood up slowly as Jay walked calmly into the lunch room

“Oh look, it’s-” Jay begins, attracting everyones attention before Minho simply cut him off quickly

“Thank you, I’ll take it from here-” He begins, allowing a long breath to escape from his mouth. He turns to his friends, then to the group of students staring confused at him “I- you know what, I had this whole ass exam written for this, but now that I’m up here I completely forgot so here it goes-” He says turning to Jisung as Seungmin face palmed. “Han Jisung, will you make me the happiest person on earth and be my boyfriend?”

At this point, Jisung suddenly remembered. He remembered the reason why he didn’t get any sleep the previous night. He remembered that sudden urge to speak to the boy he had fallen so deeply in love with. To thank the boy who saved him from himself, the boy who loves Jisung for who he is. The boy drew a deep breath, before nodding softly

“Y-yes” He spoke in a hushed voice. A voice nobody, not even Jisung, had heard in six years.

Tears were now running down both the boys faces. The taller of the two pulled the blue haired boy into a delicate kiss.

“I love you” Minho whispered softly

“L- love y-you too” Jisung whispered back as he brought Minho in for another kiss, the students surrounding them cheered for the new couple.

For the couple who would stay together forever. Minhos father looked down on the boy, happy that his son found the one whom he loves. Jisungs mother and father were looking upon the boy they left behind years ago. They were happy for him. Happy he found someone to share his life with…

And that’s what they did. For fifty-six beautiful years, the pair stayed together. It was only death that drew them apart, two minutes after one another.


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