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00 📞 panoramic hearts and eyes - jay text au

Hello everyone!

It seems like the readers for the text series had disappeared a bit but well, I can understand due to school issues and coming finals.

But thank you for those who’s still active and keeps showing love for this series. Just know that you’re making my day with each comment and votes.

It really does matter to me..♡

Anyways, who still waits for the whole text series for Enhypen to be completed?

○○ ☏ ○○

Panoramic Hearts And Eyes Intro:

When Enhypen Park Jay’s glasses was accidentally broke after a member sat on it, he immediately calls Seoulli-eyes Clinic, where the optometrist’s daughter is helping out for the time being.

What happens when he called the hotline and got her as the customer’s helper?

Well, charismatically cool idol and several delays of precripted glasses with a hot headed girl on the phone call, that’s for sure.

Bit Of A Teaser:

“Sorry I don’t get calls from annoying guys often, so this is new to me”

“You’re the one annoying”

“Says the one with a demanding voice”

“Argh, I need to go. Adios, annoying idiot!”

“You’ll never get that glasses.. Good luck running into things!”

[ beeps ]

“She hung up on me.. Kids these days *sigh*”

●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● ☏

is there anyone waiting for the jay’s text au book?

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