Mr.CEO's Runaway Wife



With a peck on the cheek Micheal leaves and Maisy is left with the morning to herself but decides to get up and work.

After an hour of cleaning she sat and turned the TV on, suddenly her phone starts to chime. “Hello?”

“Hey Mais.” Her best friend Emily said through the speaker.

“Hey, how have you been? I haven’t heard from you in forever.” Maisy says while playing with her wedding ring, something she did out of habit.

“Oh-you know, nothing” Emily took a small breath talking fast, babbling “Are you planning on coming to the office today?”

Maisy scrunches up her eyebrows.

Why would she care if I went to my husbands office?

She couldn’t help but think. Emily is Michaels assistant which she was great at.

“I really don’t plan on it, why?”

Hearing whispering on the other line Emily comes back “Oh no, just asking it’s a busy day gotta go now bye.”

Without Maisy even saying a goodbye Emily hung up.

Maisy knew something was going on, she wasn’t a fool. Picking up her bag and keys she was on the way to Micheals building.

Pressing the floor number her husband worked on she couldn’t help but feel tense. She trusted her husband and knew he wouldn’t do anything with her best friend, right?

Walking down the hall she felt nervous as all his workers were staring at her in shock.

Shaking her head she continued to the door at the end of the room.

Getting closer she heard-a woman?

No that couldn’t be. She thought.

Grabbing the silver door knob with shaky hands she opened the oak door and what she saw made her frozen.

He husband was on top of her best friend on the desk.

With a gasp she breathed out with tears “Mi-micheal?”

He stops his movements and looks up, fear mixed with shock ran through his features “Ma-maisy, no-no, no, n-“

She took a look at Emily while backing up and she had a smirk placed on her face while breathing heavily.

Maisy hates her, and Micheal. Letting more tears fall out of the corner of her eyes she can see her husband trying to get his clothes back on as Emily just lays there.

With a disgusted final look she runs out of the office like her life depended on it, hearing his pleads and yells for her to stop she kept going.

Driving home she was livid. She couldn’t believe she trusted that bastard. She loved him with all her heart, she gave up so much for him.

Packing her things she hears a slam. It was the front door.

Moving rapidly she grabs more clothing, zips up the louis vuitton bag and runs out of the bedroom running into a torn Micheal.

His eyes were swollen and tears kept flowing down his face like a waterfall. She couldn’t feel any sympathy for him whatsoever.

Moving past him or attempting to, she makes it to the last step of the stairs before being pulled into a tight embrace.

“Stop it Micheal! Leave me alone you bastard!” Punching and elbowing him he finally let’s go.

“Ma-maisy please baby I-I didn’t mean it please don’t leave me!” He falls to his knees in desperation.

Maisy once again ignores him and sprints to her Mercedes. She wasn’t going to live with a cheater, no matter what he did she would never go back to the man that broke her.

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