Most Protected Of All


Rose’s POV;

I woke up in a big white room. This room looked a lot like the hospital that I went to a year ago.  I look around the room there was a lot of mechanical things and a beeping thing.  I heard the door open and in walked Robert. He looked in shock and he looked like he was….. relieved?  After a while of looking at the man that was so nice yet scary like a teddy bear.  A yawn escaped my small mouth I quickly cover it Mister never liked when I yawned.  Robert broke out of his trance and quickly walked over to me. I flinched out of reflex, it made Robert make a really sad face which made me feel bad. ” I am sorry I didn’t mean to make you sad” I say crying now he will never want me. ” Hey hey sweetie no need to cry I am not sad see” Robert says pulling me into him which I did not refuse I like Robert he is so nice.  After a while of him holding me he sat me on his lap and looked me in the eyes. And I quickly look down.  He puts his finger under my chin and makes me look at him.  His kind eyes looking at me with so much love. ” Rose I have to tell you something ” Robert says. I tense does he not want me anymore. ” Rose I am.. well you are…. um well you see my umm… You are my daughter” Robert says. I froze out of fear of him not wanting me. ” So does that mean.. you are…. going to keep me? ” I ask. ” Yes dear. I am going to bring you home and take care of you” Robert says. ” So then you won’t beat me? ” I ask. I have to make sure that it is safe before I leave my little house I made and I have to make sure my friends will be safe and happy. ” WHAT?!!? No I would never do that hon” Robert says. I look at him I hope he is telling the truth because I really want him to be my dad. ” Ok I will try” I say. ” That is fine, that is all I can ask of you” Robert says.  After a while this lady in blue told me I can go home.  Robert then picked me up and carried me out of the hospital. We reached this really cool car I mean it looked like it was made of glass. ” Whoa” I say breathless.  Robert crackled. ” Yeah sweetie there is a lot more that you can see later” Robert tells me. He straps me in and says something about getting me a car seat.  While we were driving a question popped up in my mind ever since he said that he was my father.  Mister never likes me to ask this but here it goes. “Umm Sir. Can I ask a question?” I ask. I have to make sure that he is ok with me asking questions first. ” Of course sweetie” Robert says. ” ok well umm… since you are my father… umm can I call you daddy or dad or father? Or if you don’t want me to call you that then I can call you mister if you want that instead” I asked quickly. ” Oh sweetie I would be honored to be called your dad or daddy or anything you want hun” He says.  ” Ok” is all I say I am so happy.

I finally got a daddy!!!!!!!!

Yay her dad!!!  Thoughts??? Comments!!!!!

Thank you guys for reading my book.

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