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Ch 57 | Aurora



Ch 57 | Aurora

Boy you better bow down on your knees,can I get a ‘yes, your majesty’                    —Unknown

Seven-o-clock in the morning. The smile of aurora still painted in the sky. 

The cold footsteps shrieked a cry from the people remaining, one of the members looked up in the sky —the whirling wind brushing the cigarette away from his hands. Widening his eyes he tried to make a run for it until a searing pain exploded through his skull and knocked him down.

The officer looked down, getting his gun out as the other police officers surrounded the scene. There were at least 5-6 police cars. 

“Look for Mr. Park!” the officer yelled.

A few people were already arrested and taken into the car. The nightclub was surrounded by the police officers, the harshly knocked down the secret door which led to another room.

The people widened their eyes seeing the police.

The place was filled with drugs and drugs. Illegal drugs and sexual toys —the underground was filled with the stench of beer and alcohol.

The gambling money laid all over the place. Unfortunately for them, the police had weapons on their hands —not a bit afraid to shoot. Proven otherwise by one of the women in the group.

“Everyone run from the back!” she yelled getting a knife out from under her skirt.

She thought she could get them out. She was a fool in the scene, her pink hair all over the place, in fact, she was known to be one of the fighters. A fearsome one. Her eyes blended with a dark color as she glared at the group of armed police guards. 

“Young lady, put down that weapon before I shoot your head” police asked nervously.

She glared, launching at the officer until fate played her well, she had an advantage with her flexibility and young figure.

Her whole body suddenly crashed against a wall, making her head hit the solid wall and send searing pain on her back. She fell on the ground hissing at the sudden pain. The room had gone quite—

Just then, when she was trying to get her knife someone stepped on her hand. His clean, clear hands dipped down picking up the knife. She felt her bravery leaving her.

Just 1 second. She felt completely crushed.

“What a beautiful weapon” Jungkook smirked sadistically, playing with the knife in his hands. He stepped on her hands harder —not caring that his weight is crushing her bones.

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