Miscellany Of Desi Tadka


Dil ke darwaaze pe phir se teri dastak maangu,

Tujhse he phir apni pehli si mohabbat maangu.

“Kabhi socha nahi tha ki jannat itna khoobsurat hoga,” Yumna said as she walked in the garden along with Zaviyar, holding hands and swinging them.

(Never thought that paradise would be so beautiful)

“Aur kabhi socha nahi tha ki hum itne jawaan dikhenge,” Zaviyar joked, earning a smack on the head from his wife. It was true, they no longer looked old, instead they looked the same Zaviyar and Yumna when they had gotten married. They walked over to a wooden bench and sat there, enjoying the view of Jannat.

(And never thought we’d look so young)

“Yahan sab kitna acha hai,” she happily sighed and rested her head on his shoulder. The jannat was nothing like they had imagined. In fact, it was more beautiful than what they had thought it to be. Everything was vibrant and colourful around them. It was a place full of smiles, a place where everything came to real life. Place that was rich with culture, kind people, honest people, and people that would go out of their way just to help you.

(Everything is so good here)

Among the friends of root and wand, amid each green leaf and delicate petal, there were the dancing birds and the squirrels that darted. It is as if the song, the scurries and the subtle movements of flora were their voice, the song of the garden for those who listen with more than their ears.

Jannat was an intangible place where only the true ideals of life could be realized. It’s the place where true peace could be felt. True peace could sometimes be felt on earth, but not understood by the human mind. The mind could only comprehend true peace once in Jannat. It was a place of exceptional happiness and delight.

“Come, let’s take a walk,” Zaviyar pulled her up and walked along with her, his arms wrapped around her in a protective embrace.

To say that Yumna was in awe of this place wouldn’t be wrong. Everything was just simply beautiful and beyond.

There was a big fountain in the centre of the garden, the water spraying out continuously, not stopping for even a minute. It represented purity and life.

“Zindagi waqai haseen hay,” Yumna commented, observing the beautiful fountain. “Aur ab zindagi ke baad ki zindagi bhi kaafi khoobsurat hain.”

(Life is really beautiful. And the afterlife is also beautiful)

“Kyunki hum saath hai,” Zaviyar added, tightening his hold on her. “Kisine sahi kaha hai, waqt humesha ek sa nahi rehta. Agar bura waqt hai toh acha waqt bhi hota hai.” Yumna nodded, agreeing to his words.

(It’s because we’re together. Someone has rightly said, time does not always remain the same. If there are bad times then there are good times too.)

“Humare bachhe kya kar rahe honge, Zaviyar?” she curiously asked him, emotionally remembering her children.

(What will our kids be doing?)

“Hamza apni biwi ke saath waqt bita raha hoga,” Zaviyar said to which Yumna just laughed out aloud. It was true. Hamza Zaviyar Khan was a true romantic at heart, just like his father. “Shaista kisi mulazma ke saath lad rahi hogi,” Yumna added, knowing that her daughter was a jhagdalu, just like her mother. “Aur Noor kisi qitab mein apni naak ghusa kar baithi hogi,” Zaviyar fondly reminisced about his little girl who was the most different one among his children.

(Hamza must be spending quality time with his wife)

(Shaista must be fighting with the househelp)

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