Mine for the Year

Bonus Chapter 1 -Damon's POV

I waited impatiently for the girls to come down the stairs. If they didn’t come soon, Laney’s date wouldn’t have his head for much longer. This guy couldn’t shut up. I fixed my cuffs as I glared at him annoyed. First, I couldn’t see Liv and now I had to deal with his guy.

The clicking of heels knocked me out of my thoughts. “We’re ready!” Laney called cheerfully.

I looked up in awe as Liv climbed down the hair. She was beautiful. Her usually wavy hair was straightened and her skin was glowing. She shot me a small smile and after getting that smile from her, I could die a happy man.

I swallowed nervously. I was afraid that if I spoke, I would scare her. There was no one to act for here, it would seem suspicious.

The whole car ride was silent. Laney seemed upset and the guy she came with was annoying, I just wanted to punch him.

But mostly, all I could think about was how many guys would be trying to hit on Liv. My Liv. The dress, although so much more conservative than what I knew all the other girls would show up in, still showed off her body a bit too much for my liking. If I had my way, she would be wearing a paper bag. I didn’t want others looking at my girl.

But she’s not your girl, Damon. I had to remind myself. She had already gotten so mad at me because of Gabe. To be fair, that was my fault. I know Gabe would never make a move on her, but just seeing her with him made my blood boil. The first night, she chose to sit next to him at the restaurant. After, I heard her and Laney talking about him. Then she invited him to dinner. But I do regret taking my anger out on her. She had shared an important part of her life with me when she asked me to come see Matt with her, but I let my jealousy get in the way. It made me say some horrible things. I was more sorry than she would ever know.

Noticing she was deep in thought, I wrapped my arm around her waist, praying she wouldn’t notice. Even in bed, she wouldn’t let me hold her. I would wait for her to fall asleep before bringing her close to me. I used to hate sharing beds with people, but now I couldn’t go to bed without her. Every time I did hold her, she would wake up and move away from me.

I was so wrapped up in my thoughts of her, I didn’t even realize we were here. Getting out of the car, I held the door open for Liv, never letting go of her hand.

She looked around nervously and I just couldn’t help myself. I gave her a small kiss on the forehead, hoping she would think it was just for the cameras. “Just say close to me and don’t talk too much,” I whispered in her ear, knowing that saying too much might give everything away. Especially not to males I thought to myself.

We walked around and socialized, but I wasn’t really aware of what was happening. I used any excuse possible to touch her; the small of her back, her arm, hold her hand. I don’t know why, but her touch intoxicated me.

I smiled a little as she leaned into me. Of course, that was the perfect time for my annoying little sister to steal my girl.

“Liv, stay with me.” I whined to her, knowing how clingy I sounded. I held her waist, hoping I had as much an effect on her as she did on me.

She, being the reasonable one, assured me that she would be fine and I should use this opportunity to talk to a few of my investors. I sighed. Why did she always have to be right.

Just as she began to walk away, I stopped her. “Liv!” I wasn’t going to let her walk into this sea of unknown men without letting them know she was mine.

The kiss was, well simply put, it was mind blowing. I could feel her arms wrap around me as my hands dig into her waist. She pulled away from me breathless as I stared at her incoherently.

“Wow,” I muttered under my breath. I’d kissed a ton of girls before, but never like that. I watched as she walked to where Laney was standing.

Usually, I would hang out with Gabe during parties like these, but we obviously haven’t been talking recently. I added a few comments into the conversation I was currently in, keeping one eye on Liv the entire time.

I gritted my teeth as I saw Alex Dane walk up to her. I didn’t have a problem with him – until now. I excused myself and walked over to the two, possessively putting my arm around her. She looked upset. I would ask her about it when we got home; I know she would hate if I brought it up in front of some guy she barely knew.

“Alex. I see you’ve met my fiancé.” I emphasized fiancé just so he knew to stay out of her way.

“We were just talking, no need to get all jealous and insecure.” He winked at Liv. “Bye Liv.” He walked away. I was so close to following him and just punching him in the face.

Fuming, I tried to control my anger. “Why were you talking to that douchebag?”

She scowled up at me, causing me to smile a little. She was so cute when she was angry. “That’s mean! He was actually pretty nice.” I groaned internally as she bit her lip. God, did she know what she was doing to me.

Suddenly, our moment was ruined by those stupid paparazzi. Even as we started to walk away, they followed us. I was used to it, but Liv wasn’t. I saw her glancing around nervously before quickly looking at me.

“You got your pictures, now go! Can’t you see you’re making her uncomfortable?” I barked at the photographers, which I usually never even bothered to do. She looked at me in surprise. I was about to go tell the party host to kick the paparazzi out, but I didn’t want to leave Liv alone.

“Are you ok?” I asked her, in what I hoped was a soothing voice. I wasn’t used to this. My usual girlfriends only lasted a few days, and I couldn’t care less about whether they didn’t like the paparazzi. Most of them did.

She nodded and we walked over to where Gabe was sitting with his date. She made eye contact with him and they had some kind of silent conversation.

An enormous smile appeared on her face. God, what wouldn’t I do to keep her smiling like that for the rest of her life. Wait? Rest of her life? I ignored my train of thought. I didn’t want her around Gabe anymore. I should be the one making her smile like that, not him. “Come on Liv. Let’s go home.”

“So soon?” She pouted. If I wasn’t so mad, I would have kissed her.

I didn’t understand what she saw in Gabe. I was much more good looking than him. And I was her fiancé. “Why?” I glared at her. “So you and Gabe can eye rape each other for a little longer?” Best friend or not, I was going to kill him.

She sighed but didn’t say anything. I held completely still as she leaned up and wrapped her arms around my neck. I was afraid she would hear my heart beating a thousand miles an hour. What was this girl doing to me?

“Let’s dance Damon.”

I let her drag me out to the dance floor. I wasn’t a big fan of dancing, but for her, I would. I look back to see the paparazzi getting ready to take pictures. We dance quietly for a bit. Usually, I don’t mind silence. In fact, I crave it. But right now, I was just waiting for her to speak. I wanted to talk to her. To listen to her.

Finally, she spoke. “Damon I hope you know that me and Gabe have no feelings for each other. You and me have a deal and I’m disappointed you think so low of me that you think I would betray you that quickly.”

Oh. That’s what she thought. I wanted to reassure her that I knew she would never betray me. It was all these other men I didn’t like. “I trust you Liv.” I didn’t know what else to say.

She smiled, burying her head in my chest. I smiled down at her as we continued swaying to the music for a little longer.

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