Chapter 6: Pizza

*Knock knock*

“Mia! Can you get the door? I think it’s Damien.”

I smile excitedly, “Yes mama!”

I quickly put my book away and boot down the stairs, but of course me being Mia I trip the rest of the way…


Then, someone catches me. Gosh darn this thing is a brick wall. I look up to see Damien’s beautiful, scrumptious, handsome, one of a kind-

Yeah I’m going to stop now…

“Careful sweetheart. You could have fallen.”

“Yeah….but you ruined my jam…” I said pouting.

He furrows his brows and looks and me confused.

Why is he…

Oh, right. That was in my head…Oopsies.


I clear my throat as my face heats up in embarrassment.

“H-hi Dami.”

He chuckles, “Hi baby.”

I blush even more than before, “A-are you excited for p-pizza?!”

He lightly smiles, “Of course. As long as I get to spend some time with you.”

I giggle, “I like spending time with you too Dami.”

He was about to talk again, but Mama called us for pizza.

I run as far as my short legs can take me to the table.

“Honey we are going to eat at the table, but you are going to eat at the countertops with Damien since there is more room?”

“Ok mama!” I run to the countertops but then stop and huff.

“M-mama, I can never get on the chairs…”

She laughs, “When was the last time you tried? You grew maybe an inch more, so you should be able to now?”

I pout, “Okay…I’ll try.”

I pull out the chair and try lifting my leg up, but I fail. Then I try jumping, and I fail. Lastly, I try belly flopping on the chair, and I fail and slide down to the ground like a dead baboon while the sound of my skin rubbing the chair makes a squeaky sound.

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