It’s been a month since she start working under him. Mrs. Siddiqui convinced her saying it would only help in growing. She understood his son’s feelings and escalated. Not now, but one day she”ll surely took his proposal for her, if things work out how she planned. Elham’s wound is not healed yet and above everything, she wants her to personally understand her son. Only then she’d take this further. The moment she understood the feelings of his son, she informed him of her past and she have no idea why.

Besides that Elham’s family was also pressuring her for marriage and because of that, she looked disturbed.

When Zohran finds the reason for her disturbing behavior, he directly asked her out, saying their parents want to marry and none of them want to it. What if they make a deal and get married and spend their life on their terms and conditions.

Seeing no other option she agreed to it, unknowingly, that Zohran played her.

He lied. Lied about the deal. Being Scared and said he said whatever cross his mind but promise himself to give her as much time as she wants to amend her perception about him and marriage.


“Assalamualaikum!” He greets her as soon as he took his place against his new bride. His chest puffed with happiness. The girl who makes him go crazy in days and because of her his nights were sleepless is finally now his.

“Walaikumussalam,” she mumbled meekly fidgeting her fingers against her knees. Seeing her nervous form he smirked. He wants to affect her as same as she affects him. Slowly taking the hem of her veil he unveiled her revealing her face only get astonished by her arresting features. He looked at her without blinking capturing this moment for eternity.

“You’re looking ethereal. Ethereal beauty.” He said in an absolute daze. “Look at me.” He mutter. When she doesn’t do what she has asked to do he takes the matter into his hand. Holding her chin so lightly between his forefinger and thump he moved it upward. Her orbs met his and he got hypnotized. There’s been a time when he held her gaze for more than a few seconds but today holding her gaze and seeing what swirled inside churn his stomach. Hurt, innocence, and fear. She was hurt by her past, and that made her bit Stoney but even after wearing the mask, the innocence she tried to hide swirled in her eyes. Fear, what she’s fearing, maybe she’s anticipating the same behavior. Not completely aware of what that bastard had made her go through, but today he swore to give her all the happiness his lady deserves.

Feeling his vehement stare she looked down. Nervous, nervous, and nervous .”Go and change, it must be very uncomfortable.” Eyeing her heavy joda that his mother choose, heavy zardozi embroidery, there’s no place left to even put a pin. He moved his head from left to right in amusement. His parents. They want everything grand. Though the nikkah kept it intimate because of her family, but walima would be grand. She was his mother’s favorite and now his father already teams up with her against him. “Agr meri beti ko koi takleef ya aziyat di, tou Zohran Siddiqui tumhara woh haal hoga jo soche bhi nhi hogey.” These were the exact words his father told him. Like it’s not even a day and he feels like they disown him already. A chuckle left his mouth thinking of the possible drama that would happen in his home. In their home.

Soon the door of the bathroom opened and he moved his eyes in her direction. Precisely after an hour. The irritation left his cells when he looked at her. Clad in a simple light white cotton dress, that fits her perfectly equally hiding and showing her assets and curve she walked out.

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