Mehr-o-Mah | مہر و ماہ ✓

Bakht | بخت

Bakht- بخت:- Fortunate; lucky


Isn’t it natural for the icy winds to melt in the embrace of the summery breeze?

He was ice.Cold and distant.

She was fire.Lively and forsaken.

She was supposed to melt his ice but who knew that the burning flames would fall in love with the obscuring snowflakes?

The tale of Zoya and Haider.

A journey of understanding and patience that leads to a destination oh so admirable and fortunate.


A tale in which the buzzing bee fell in love with the silent petals.

As sensitive as a just blossomed bud, Amal had no idea who to trust and whom not. Her naive mind and soft heart attracted many. Some saints, the other the pawns of the devil.

Ayaan never liked quiet or uncheerful personalities. They were too boring for his liking. But what could he do when his traitorous heart fell for a personality similar to the one he thought as boring?

The tale of Ayaan and Amal.

A journey of silence leading to a destination oh so cheerful and bright.



Zoya Mir22 years old

Haider Razdani28 years old

Amal Afridi19 years old

Ayaan Mir22 years old

🌿Family tree🌿


Zaira x AzlanZoya (22 years old)Ayan (22 years old)


Samra x FawadHaider (28 years old)Sameera (21 years old)


Sahla x SulaimanAmal (19 years old)


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