Married To Mr.Stethoscope

🏹CHAPTER - 28💙

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Bala’s POV :


My phone vibrated and I took it to see a message flashing on the screen.

It’s from krit- kat!

I clicked on the message to see pics of Sne posing with mehandi in her hands in different styles.

I looked at her smiling face and I couldn’t help but think of the day when this news broke to her!!

That day, I’m sure Sneha will kill me once she finds out what our parents are upto….

To say I’m happy for their decision is an understatement!!!

I’m literally flying on the moon and at the same time I want to ‘escape’ this city… no no not from the city but from the whole planet because I don’t think I can handle her wrath!!

At present I’m taking her to the hospital in my car.

She asked me a number of times where we are going and what happened, but I couldn’t answer her.

Finally we reached the hospital but I’m literally shaking.

“Why did you bring me here?” She asked.

I don’t think I can give the correct reason but I can atleast soften the blow she is going to receive.

“Sne, listen to me carefully. There will be times in our lives where we do not have any option but to accept our fate. Even though it is heart breaking and disappointing we must accept it,” saying that I paused for sometime and continued —

“Even I was shocked to the core when Aunty called me and said the news. My sincere advise to you is to be strong and get ready to hear any news. But always remember that I’m with you.” I gave her a weak smile and went out.

Sne came out with worry written all over her face. She is about to ask me something when Aunty came out.

She rushed to her mom and hugged her tightly.

“Mom please don’t cry. Dad will be alright,I will even fight with God if I have to. Trust me, everything will be alright.. “

What is she talking about??

Aunty released her from the hug and asked her with a deep frown which resembles mine “what happened to your dad?”

“Mom, don’t try to hide it from me. I know everything. Bala didn’t tell completely but I can connect the dots. I know something is wrong with dad’s health!!” she told her mom.

Ooh!!! She took my words in a completely different way.. Shit!!!

I’m in an even big trouble now. My mind reminded me of the punch she gave me yesterday.

I gulped with fear.

Uncle came from behind carrying a bag of medicines.

“What is happening Bala?” He asked me.

“See for yourself uncle.”

He walked to them. After a few explanations and Sneha’s shouts everything got settled.

Sne gave me a hard look, grabbed car keys from uncle and walked to the car.

“You didn’t tell her?” Aunty asked me.

“No Aunty, I’m just worried how she’ll take the news. I think its better if you talk with her. I’ll come home in an hour, I have some work. Meanwhile you….” I trailed off.

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