Make me feel

11- Dont worry

waking up with a missed call from leo and gray screaming at me to wake up wasn’t a really a nice way to wake up, I call back leo after calming gray and telling him i would be down in a few minutes.

I tap my leg impatiently waiting on him to pick up, I really hope he’s not mad and doesn’t think I hate him or something, because I really don’t hate him at all, thinking now on the whole situation i’m embarrassed on how I reacted, it was so unnecessary. I hope it doesn’t get awkward between us after this because I can’t handle that, ‘Love?’ my eyes widen and heat rushes up to my face

‘Hi leo!’ I voice my excitement

‘hi baby, i’m sorry i really am’ he apologizes, sounding like he just woke up , ‘nono it’s okay i promise, can I see you?’

‘of course love, can you come over?’ I hum answering his question, ‘come over then i’ll make breakfast’

I hang up after saying goodbye, I brush my teeth and put on better clothes, I slept only in my underwear so I put a baggy shirt that reaches mid thigh and some pj shorts and go downstairs

Gray is in the kitchen making his coffee before going to work, He looks over at me and smiles ‘Good morning princess’ he greets, ‘Not that good because you woke me up screaming’ I complain as I go over and hug him.

He ruffles my hair and chuckles ‘It’s 10 already don’t be a baby’ I laugh too and fix my hair with my hands

‘When are you coming back gray?’ I question him, I gotta know so i’ll be here before he gets back. ‘7 or 8 maybe, are you going out?’

he knows me so well

‘Can I..?’ I ask hoping he will say yes and don’t ask too many questions, he rolls his eyes and sips his coffee, ‘be safe and don’t come home late’

I smile and hug him tight before he pulls me off, I tell him goodbye and get ready. Gray went to work already so i’ll have to walk, it’s not far but i just don’t like walking

i’m lazy I know, it’s freezing too I should’ve wore longer clothes, i’m in pijama shorts with a cropped long sleeve I changed into. It’s not like we’re gonna go out anyways, I just wanna see him.

I’ll just wear some of his clothes when I get there, I hurry my steps and finally reach his door. I’m scared, do I just knock? or do I call him?

Just as I was about to knock, the door opens and a shirtless leo smiles brightly and pulls me in making me yelp

‘I missed you so fucking much’ he says through his teeth while hugging me tightly

I laugh and hug him back ‘I missed you too leo’

he squeezes me tighter as I wiggle to get out of his grip, ‘leo you can let go now’, ‘Nah I don’t wanna’ I sigh and just let him squeeze me. Not gonna waste my energy this early in the morning.

He lets me go and looks at my up and down ‘those shorts are way to short for you to be in’ he says as he keeps looking at me, I pull them down a little, ‘give me your pants then’ he jokingly rolls his eyes

‘well you have an attitude’ he says, I scrunch my eyebrows ‘no I don’t, if the shorts bother you then give me one of your pants’ I cross my arms and he just stands there staring me with his grumpy straight face, I raise an eyebrow at him and he sighs and goes to his room

I smile triumphantly and follow him with a smile on my face

I rock back and forth on my feet while he looks in his drawer for pj pants that’ll not be that big on me, I don’t know if that’ll be possible since he’s so huge, and i’m only 5’1.

He pulls out some blue plaid pants and hands them to me ‘This ones should work’ he says and turns around so I can change ‘don’t peek leo’ I warn him and change into the pants, I roll them two times so they don’t fall

they’re so baggy on me but they’re comfy, besides, baggier the better.

‘Can I turn around now princess?’ he asks impatiently making me giggle ‘Mhm you can’

He looks at me smiling and hugs me again ‘you’re so cute it’s crazy’ I look up at him, ‘can I tell you something leo?’ I ask straightforward, his face shows his nervousness and he slowly nods and sits on the edge of the bed waiting for me to talk

‘i like you leo, I like being around you and having you with me I know it’s soon but I just wanted you to know that i’m okay with what happened the other night and I don’t have any negative feelings towards you, i’m sorry I scared you by reacting that way and making you worry’

I expressed while shifting my weight side to side

awe transformed his face and he gave a bright smile, his pretty face looks even prettier now

‘Baby I like you too, you don’t have to say sorry for anything I should’ve given a hint or something before kissing you I completely understand your reaction at first, it is soon but i’ll wait until you feel ready for anything I promise’ he says with a slight blush and stutter on his face

‘pinky promise?’ I ask lowly as I get closer to him, he sticks his pinky out and intertwines our fingers ‘pinky promise’ he confirms and brings me into his arms hugging me tightly, I straddle him so we’re both more comfortable and we stay like that for awhile

he lays down with me still on top of him, his hands start touching my hair softly and my eyes start getting heavy and I drift off

I don’t know when I woke up but I was alone in bed and all I heard was noise in the kitchen and the smell of food, I stretch before getting up and check what was happening

Leo’s shirtless back is turned to me, his arms tense while he makes something in the stove that I can’t really smell what it is, I walk up slowly to him and wrap my cold hands around his waist and hug him, he shivers ‘why the fuck are you so cold’ he puts whatever was on his hands down and turns around facing me

he picks me up effortlessly and sits me on the counter and he positions himself between my legs, ‘i’m making pancakes’ I hum and smile, to tired to talk, ‘what time is it?’ i ask him and he looks behind me and grabs his phone

‘It’s only 12 we didn’t sleep for much’ he caresses my thighs and gives them a squeeze before going back to the pancakes

leaving me with that weird feeling again and blush on my face, what a jerk

my face frowns and i hop off the counter, leo is done with one of the pancakes and puts it on a plate, ‘take it baby’ he slides it to me, i go on my tippy toes and kiss his cheek as thank you, a shy smile takes over his face before it goes away quickly making me giggle

he glanced at me and smiled again ‘you should smile more i love it when you do’ I say to him while looking at him, his eyes widen a little but before he tries to find something else to look at

he swears he’s so mysterious and cool but i know he’s not, he’s just a soft boy and it’s cute, he sometimes has this little stutter when he gets shy, he probably doesn’t think i notice but i do. It’s one of my favorite things about him

i’m so happy i met him

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