Chapter Thirty- The End

Four years later 

“Good morning baby”

Kinnon spoke from behind the kitchen counter as he finished adding the topping to the three stack high pancakes that was in front of him. As soon as he was finished he dusted his hands off before walking over to me, leaning down he gently laid a kiss on my very pregnant belly. 

“and good morning to you, my little one. Daddy can’t wait to see you”

“I’m more excited than you daddy! i’m going to be a big sister” 

Ailana beamed from the table as her chocolate covered face looked up from her stack of pancakes for the first time. Kinnon and I couldn’t stop the laughter from leaving our lips after looking at her messy face. 

“And you will be the best big sister ever won’t you Ail” 

I couldn’t help myself from feeling proud the moment I saw her face beam with joy when I mentioned her being the best big sister. If anyone was most excited for this pregnancy it was her and my dad. My dad hadn’t stopped calling me ever since I found out I was pregnant, he rings me once a day to make sure i’m okay and demands that every Sunday he gets to spend time with his two favourite girls, me and Ail. 

The face my dad made when I turned up at the door with white hair, different coloured eyes and a baby in my arms was priceless. I was really grateful for Kinnon when he agreed we should tell my father the truth about everything. My dad made it clear to me that day that nothing would ever change the love he had for me. The moment I was done speaking he took me into his arms and wept for the pain and sorrow I had went through. 

Sitting down at the table, Kinnon joined us both putting the food down for me to eat. We all sat eating and laughing, this had become our everyday life since Ail came into our world. The moment she was placed into my arms by Lenna I loved her like my own. It felt like a long journey to get to this point but for the first time in my life I felt complete, looking at my family in front of me. 

After everything that happened with Edham, Kinnon and I had to pick up the pieces caused by the destruction he had left behind. When Aros died his pack decided to become part of ours and the two lands that where split joined together we became one big family. There was no more hate between the two packs. We built everything from the ground up and the best part was so many people found their soulmate, even Jax. 

“Can we go see them today mummy?” Ail asked as she tugged gently on my sleeve.

“Of course we can, you know they look forward to you coming every time. Now go get your shoes on” I beamed as a big smile light up her precious little face. 

Ail was off in a second running over to her favourite pair of pink shoes as she grabbed stuff to put into her bag, show and tell was one of her favourite parts of the visits. 

“Oh, you three are leaving me? Remember we have Jax, Senna and the kids are coming for dinner” Kinnon spoke as he put a hand on my belly rubbing up and down as a smile spread to my lips. 

Senna was the mate Jax met in Aros pack, she was a wild little thing and really gave him a run for his money. I couldn’t believe it when they told me they where having twins. Jax’s face was so full of happiness, it was so nice to see as after Lenna died he really withdrew into himself. I was glad he was happy, he deserved it. 

“We will be back quicker then you know” I smiled giving Kinnon a kiss as I struggled to get up from the seat as he chuckled and reached out a hand to help me. I was so ready for Lenna to come, this nine months couldn’t end quick enough. I wanted to see her. 

“Okay Ail, I have let them know and they are waiting are you ready?” 

Ail was by my side in a second as she puffed from being out of breathe after running through the whole house.  Taking her hand in mine, I closed my eyes as the white life engulfed us both, when I opened them again Ail and I where both standing in the moon garden as the bright white moon illuminating the table in the middle. 

“MOMMY, DADDY!!” Ail screamed as she started to run. 

Aros and Lenna both turned their head towards us as a laugh left both of their lips. The proudness in both of their eyes as they stood up from the table extending their arms out to the most precious thing to them, Ailana. 

No matter how many times I seen this, I still felt as amazing as the first. Knowing my daughter has two parents who love and support her just as much as I, is a blessing a joy. I was so happy when the moon goddess agreed to let us do this.

“What you waiting over there for? We need updates on how the baby is and the big baby you look after Kinnon!” Aros called as we all broke out in laughter.

“I’m coming!” I called as I started to waddle my way over.

Life is only full of happiness from here, everything was worth it for moments like this. 


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