Loving The Russian Mafia

Chapter 19: Thank you

Vienna’s POV

“Ryan…” I yelled as I realized that he didn’t just close the door, he also locked it.

Damn him.

“Ryan I’m telling you if you don’t let me go right now then I’ll…” I paused glaring at him as he walked around the car and made himself comfortable beside me.

“You’ll what, love” He asked plainly as I found myself out of words because I really didn’t think of what I would even do before saying that.

“Let’s go Michael” He added before leaning his head back against his seat, with his eyes closed and I’m pretty sure that I heard him sigh too.

Here I’m sitting right next to him panicking and asking him to let me go and there he is relaxing as if he as just came back after winning some war.

“Wait you can’t just say ‘let’s go Michael’ while I’m still not done negotiating” I replied in disbelief.

“Well can’t I? But I guess I just said that” He replied without even opening his eyes.

Jesus Christ!

Now his calmness is really getting on my nerves. It’s as if he has already decided something and he won’t change his mind no matter what I say or do.

“Ryan you…” I paused as I realized something.

“Oh wait wait wait” I added panicked as the guy who was driving who’s name I assume is Michael as Ryan said, stepped on the breaks immediately, sensing the panic in my voice.

“What is it love” Ryan asked genuinely concerned, finally opening his eyes this time.

“The door…” I replied.

“What door” He asked interrupting me as I gave him a ‘can you stay quiet for a while’ look.

“Okay my bad. Please continue” He added as he understood what I didn’t even say.

“My mother’s house, it’s all open. Everything is open, the windows, the door and no one is even home. I was supposed to lock everything before I left but because of you…” I trailed off as I realized something even more serious and dangerous.

“And the stove. Ryan. What if Nan made something after I left and there’s a possibility that she forgot to turn the stove off I mean she can be really irresponsible in the kitchen sometimes. What if there’s a gas leak? I need to go back and make sure…” I continued blabbering as Ryan kept looking at me until I finished. 

Is it weird that I’m worried about all these things while a mafia has practically kidnapped me. Once again, if I might add and all I should be worried about is only that at the moment.

But hey these precautions are also important because in a few days my family will be back and I don’t want them to come back to an house which is robbed or blown up by gas explosion.

I know my mother would find me from anywhere and would surely kill me if any of that happend.

Even Ryan wouldn’t be able to save me from her.

“Done” He asked.

“Don’t worry I know no one is home. I have already asked Den to make sure everything is switched off and closed” He added before I could reply.

“Wait. Who is Den? How can you even let any stranger into my house” I asked in disbelief.

“Den is my bodyguard and I trust him so I think you can trust him too” He replied.

“And Michael please continue driving” He added.

“Are you laughing at me” I asked as a moment later I watched him shaking his head with a chuckle.

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