Love Me Before You Lose Me

Epilogue: Happily Ever After

HIS POVA year later

A lot has happened since they decided to get back together. He moved into their house as it was in the prime location in regards to their jobs. They adopted a cat and named it Butter. They picked the name, not him. Once they read his letter and learned the butter chicken story, they’ve been trying to get him to enjoy the dish again and then it ended up being the name of their cat, shortened to just Butter.

He now stood at the kitchen and was preparing their coffee. He added his secret ingredient, a dash of allspice, and headed up to the bedroom, Butter nipping at his feet.

They were sleeping but he snuck into their room and kissed them on top of their head. He held the coffee cup underneath their nose waiting for them to smell the scent they seemed addicted to.

They groaned as they woke. “It’s too early for this.”

He laughed. “It’s 11 am, Dove.”

They sat up and drowsily reached for the mug. He placed it within their hand and witnessed the magic that was coffee take place. They took a sip and lazily smiled at him. “You always know exactly how I like my coffee.” Butter chose that moment to jump onto the bed and make biscuits on their comforter.

“I know everything about you but that’s not the point. I have something for you, my love.” He reached underneath the bed and pulled out somethings he’s been holding onto all this time.

He got down on one knee and held out the jewelry box that contained the matching watch. “I know this isn’t the conventional way to do this but, will you do me the honour of giving me all of your time?” He opened the box and watched as their eyes widened.

“It’s beautiful!” They reached for the watch and the minute their hand was close enough, he grabbed onto it and slipped a ring on. He kissed the ring and looked up at them. “I love you so much. I’ll happily spend the rest of my life showing you. Will you take me as your life partner?”

They were still shocked. “You’re supposed to ask before you put the ring on you know? But yes. I don’t want to spend my life with anyone that’s not you.”

They leaned forward and kissed him, their lips tasted like the coffee they just drank. He tried to deepen the kiss with a swipe of his tongue but they backed away, their eyes glazed over. “I love you.”

“Aren’t you glad I decided to be clingy?” That question got a pillow thrown at him which started a pillow fight and ended with them in bed all day.

Sometimes, you have to lose what you love in order to find yourself and love them in the way they deserve. Or something wise like that.

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