Love Again ✔

Colton's Miracle

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Colton has grown up knowing nothing but anger, hatred and pain. His past doesn’t allow him to enjoy life like others do. Instead, he paints a glare on his face that scares most people away. And then suddenly, a petite little red head with freckles and a radiant smile shoves her way into his life, changing every concept he thought he knew, and breaking every rule he thought he needed. With every encounter the ice around Colton’s heart melts, until his heart is free to beat as loudly as it can, just for Lily.

With a past even darker than Colton’s, Lillian chooses her armour to be a smile. She has so many reasons to succumb to the darkness that fills her once innocent heart, but she focuses on enjoying the new life she just started. Being the new girl means she’s free to pretend that she’s just like everyone else, normal. And when she meets the rude and grumpy Colton, she can’t help but notice how alike they actually are.

Slowly, the two broken souls begin to help each other heal and together they start to learn what it’s like to be loved, unaware that the ghosts of the past are hovering in the shadows.

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