Love After Marriage✓

25. Bonus Chapter

Third Person POV

Life for Vivek and Sneha had been nothing but pure bliss. It had been a rollercoaster ride for them starting from strangers and ended up getting married. One of them desperately wanted to avoid this Marriage and persue her dreams while the other never believed in relationships and love but both ended up falling for each other. Their bond got more and more stronger with time. After some time they were blessed with a baby girl and three years later were blessed with a baby boy.


To be frank Sneha hated attending parties, it was never her cup of tea, but here she was standing between the crowd of paparazzi answering their questions thrown at her. Despite Sneha’s hard attempt Vivek decided to throw a huge party for Sneha who won the award of the best businesswomen of the year.

After so much struggle Sneha finally achieved her dreams. She still remembers that day very clearly when she was just a newbie in her office and used to work so hard. Sneha was afraid if she would ever accomplish her dreams but in the end with her constant determination and with Everyone’s blessings she finally made it and to be honest her struggle was worth it.

On the other hand Vivek was so proud of her that he couldn’t believe that the strong and Independent women standing in front of his eyes was his lovely wife. He was proud the way she carried herself and answered the paparazzi confidently. Despite her accomplishments she was the same his beautiful, innocent wife and perfect mother of his children.

“You look like a majnu(Lover)” he heard his brother’s mocking voice.

“Bhai(Brother), Vivek groaned, not looking at his brother.

“What? I am speaking the truth. It’s quite amazing by the way, even after 6 years of Marriage you are still head over heals for her.” Deepak said.

“Even after 25 or 50 years of Marriage I would be still head over heals for her. If you call me a majnu for that then I have no issues.” Vivek confessed still looking at Sneha with a smile.

Suddenly Vivek’s smile turned into a frown. Their he saw a man who was trying to be so close to his wife . He excused himself and walked towards them. He stood beside Sneha wrapping his arms around her waist. Sneha soon realised that it was her dear husband and immediately relaxed in his arms. Even after so many years just a mere presence of his could calm her down easily. She felt contented in his arms.

“Umm– Sir I was just–” The man tried to speak but Vivek cut him off.

“Would you mind if you give me and my wife some privacy. We would like to have a moment.” Vivek blurted out while glaring at that poor Man.

“Vivek” Sneha whisper yelled. “What was it? Why are you acting like this? He was just trying to be nice and——“

“Would you just keep your pretty mouth shut my dear wifey. I know what I was doing and I don’t like any man gawking at my wife.” Vivek said while pulling her more close to himself.

Sneha giggled and rubbed her nose with Vivek lovingly. “I love you” she confessed.

“I love you too”. He said and kissed her forehead.

They both were lost in each other’s eyes, that they didn’t noticed their two little monsters rushing towards them.

“Mummy–Mummy(Mother), Rohan is pulling my hairs.” Kriti yelled.

“No Mummy (Mother) she is lying. She ate my chocolate cake.” Rohan whined.

“Oh! God Both of you, slow down or else we both won’t talk to you”. Vivek said to his children.

“Papa(Father) it was his fault, Papa(Father) it was her fault.” They both said together.

Both the siblings pouted. Kriti and Rohan both got upset by the fact that their parents wouldn’t talk to them. For them their parents were like their best friends, they loved them dearly and couldn’t see them sad.

“Okay! Calm down kids. Just don’t fight okay. Rohan I’ll get your cake but don’t trouble your sister. Okay!”

“Yipeeeeeeeeee okay Mommy.” Rohan giggled cutely.

“Just stay with Dad.” She ordered to her kids who nodded diligently.

“Wait! you are leaving me alone with these monsters.” Vivek whined.

“All the Best dear hubby.” Sneha chuckled and made her way towards the Sweet counter.


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