Lost N Found

Sneak Peek!!!!

Delhi, India:

“Triiiiiing Triiiiing” There goes the annoying alarm, Anaira thought and snoozed it.

” Anu, don’t you want to go to office? Wake up. Its getting late beta.” It was Anaira’s mom.

“Five more minutes mom, please” Anaira mumbled in sleep.

Her mom replied ” Don’t tell me later that you’re late because I didn’t wake you up” and she left the room.

She woke up after sometime and it was 8.15 in the morning. She got ready by 9 and rushed to the office. She told her mom that she will have breakfast at the office and asked her to pack it.

She sat in the car hurriedly and told the driver ” Kaka, please drive fast. I don’t want to get scoldings from dad”

The driver responded “Okay, beta ji”


At the office:

“Anu, there’s no other way. You have to go to Mumbai to handle this project.”

Anaira was expecting this. She didn’t want to go to Mumbai. She had left something behind in that city and she was not sure if she was ready to face that again.

“No dad, there must be some other solution. I am very new to this and I don’t think i can handle this project.”

She tried reasoning with her dad. But everyone knew her capabilities and were very well aware that she will be able to take this responsibility.

“No Anu, we know that you will be able to do this. Is there any other reason why you don’t want to go there? ” It was her dad again.

She didn’t want to argue with her dad any further on this. She knew she had to go. Her brother Anuj was supposed to handle this but his wife Sneha was pregnant. After they got the good news they decided that Anuj will not go as he needed to be there for his wife.

Anaira thought for a while and told her dad she is okay to go to Mumbai. But only she knew how much scared she was. Going to Mumbai meant that she will have to face HIM. She was still suffering from the pain he had caused her.

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