Long Story Short, The Condom Broke...

Snakes And Football Games ✔️

Everly’s pov

” How did the guy who invented the alphabet know that the letter ‘a’ is before the letter ‘b’?”

” How did the guy who invented the watch know how late it was?”

” Why do we complain about getting wet but we love to take a bubble bath or a warm shower?”

” Why-” I’m rudly cut off from dither questions when Liam groans in frustration. Eh, I’m a curious girl.

” Everly will you shut up?! “

I look at Liam stunned. How dare he tell me, Everly Pregnant Adams, to shut up?

I put my right hand over my heart to indicate a little hurt.

” Ouch Liam, ouch. “

Liam only rolls his eyes while putting a jar of Peanut Butter into the cart.

” I’m not going to answer your stupid questions.”

I roll my lip upside down and draw my eyebrows together making it look like I’m about to throw a tantrum.

” My questions aren’t silly.” I defend myself. I don’t care how childish I look right now. These last few weeks have been too intense. Someone needs to brighten the mood and Liam’s tense figure isn’t helping.

I reach over for the jelly and toss it into the cart.

I’ve been getting cravings for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches the whole week. I guess the baby likes it.

I still haven’t decided on a name for her since I found out I’m having a girl. There are so many options but none of it seems right.

Jasmine , Ally, Brooke. It all sounds so nice but it doesn’t have a nice feeling going with it.

” Grab the Nutella as well.” Liam orders as he walks past me on the hunt for more things to throw into the cart.

I walk over to grab the Nutella but I freeze on my spot. From the corner of my eye I see a woman enter the isle. Not just any woman. Turning my head into the woman’s direction, the face of my mother becomes more clear. I know it hasn’t been that long since I last saw her but the woman standing there isn’t the woman I’ve know my whole life. Her hair is highlighted with gray stripes and the side of her eyes have been matched with a few extra wrinkles here and there. She’s paler than usual. She looks sick.

She doesn’t notice me at first but when she turns into my direction, she goes as white as a ghost.

Her eyes leave my face and focuses it on my belly. She looks stunned to see how big my bump has gotten. Not that it’s that big but it looks pretty big on me. I’m about 14 weeks along.

She starts making her way towards me and on instinct I turn around and quickly walk over to Liam.

” Walk.” I say out of breath as I reach Liam’s side.

Something inside me makes me grab his hand. Holding his hand tightly, we walk into another isle.

Sorry Nutella, I’ll come back for you.

” What’s going on?” Liam asks utterly confused by my odd behavior. He tries to turn around to inspect the threat but my death grip on his arm doesn’t allow him to.

I don’t say anything as I continue down the isle.

“Everly wait.” I hear a small voice behind me.

Shit. She followed us.

This time Liam stops and makes me turn around. He’s now looking at my mother in confusion before a light bulp goes off in his head as he puts the pieces together.

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