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Enter the Dragon.

Anxiously she chewed her nails waiting in frustration every once in while glancing at the clock, he should be home by now. Surely her husband would tell her the news first, right?

Yes, he would of course. She needn’t be daft. Adelaide smoothed the material of her maroon dress down his favourite colour many believed it to be deep green. Perhaps it used to be, until his champagne bombshell entered a house party, serene silvers catching crystal blue. Addy wore a velvet cherry v neck leaving little to the imagination. From that moment, he palette preference changed drastically.

Idly palming out invisible creases. Glancing around as a double check that all’s ready – celebration feast charmed to remain warm, presents in a small blue gift bag. Children sent to her parents for the evening so the couple could be alone.

House unusually quiet. Scurried stomps of toddlers not rattling the walls. It was refreshing. Addys love had been pulling every shift offered to win this promotion he strived hard for it, adamant that his birth into money would not be what kept his family secure, that would be from self-earned wealth.

Jumping on the spot as the entrance door swung open, “Baby? Are you there? “His voice hoarse twinges of happiness vibrating through. Brushing back stray strands, Adelaide’s palms sweating as he appears grin wide. Draco Malfoy, her man stepping through the threshold, victory spread across his lips.

Stepping to close the space, hips swaying as he drank in her image, “Did you get it?”, she beams knowingly, springing to laugh with his reply, “Did you doubt me kitten?”

Leaping into a strong hold, colliding with a grunt as he dips to capture her plump mouth, “Never” she mumbles against him. Minutes pass, the kiss growing hot until Addy pulls back placing one last peck. Earning a grunt from her husband, as he unwillingly sets her down.

Arms spread in gesture; Adelaid smiles sultry. Threading his tie from its loop. “I cooked for you, the kids are away, it’s just us tonight. Thought we could celebrate together” Words suggestive as intended.

Meeting his gaze, her expression falters. Aware of his response as his guilt radiates, palms cupping her hips. “I wish you had told me; I’m meeting the firm for drinks at Pansy’s bar” Wiggling back from his touch, Draco considers cancelling to not displease his woman. He can see the effort she put in. Scorning himself when she whispers, “Oh… oh no that’s fine. Rain check?”, A forced lift of her painting lips. As she hurries away, busying the thoughts no doubt engulfing her beautiful mind.

Toeing to place a hand on her shoulder, Sighing “Addy look”

Begrudgingly he shrugged off. “No, no its fine ill clear up you go shower and get ready”


“Draco for fuck’s sake i said its fine” Slamming down the cutlery she had collected, head dipped as she spat, “Just go”

Knowing it was a battle lost Draco raises his palms in surrender “Suit yourself” Before retreating where he came, skipping the shower.

Tears betrayed Adelaide as they streaked down her cheeks, black streaks decorating them.

Get yourself together woman, do not let him win. Selfish bastard, he can go to that bar and fool around with his greasy… You could almost see the moment that switch flicked, Addys head shot up, eyes searching for her phone. Wiping down her smudged appearance as she flicked through the contacts landing on one…

“Hello babe, look I need a favour”, She smirked to herself, “You are going to love this one”

“To Malfoy”, Champagne raised in a cheer as the rowdy group whistle and pound fists against the tables. Earning scorn looks for the ebony haired owner who Draco shoots a cheeky wink.

“How did the wife take the news?”

Settling back into the velvet loveseat, he grins “Thrilled of course, not so much about me coming her though”

“They never are…” One-man chuckles. This establishment is a popular gentlemen’s club known for their exotic women. He never eyes them; Adelaide keeps the beast in him sedated. It’s the atmosphere he came for.

Music cuts out as a voice he knows to be Pansy Parkinson, an old school friend sounds through the speakers.

Gentlemen, you are in for an absolute treat tonight. We have a special guest who travelled in just for the occasion. Now, can we hear some noise for Lay.

Hues cast to the stage Draco tenses, it’s a mere coincidence the next performer holds the same name as he nicknamed his wife. She would never.

But she did, Adelaide is blinded by spotlights as she appears sparsely clad in a revenge red corset lasered cuts on the side, patched with lace. Breasts pushed up to heave out the top, stockings fastened with suspenders, heels making her inches taller.

She looks ravishing, she feels fucking godlike. As she spots her husband front and centre. Jaw ticking in frustration at her childish reaction.

The brazen blonde sweeps across, hearing cat calls fire her way usually that would repulse in this moment it’s only spurring on the act.

Track queued begins to play as her lids flutter to a close, letting the melodies infiltrate every pore.

Draco’s fists curled as he observed each member of his circles and outsiders on further tables jaws slacken, eyes glinting at the sight of his fucking wife.

He was entranced by her hypnotic rotations, knowing what those movements feel like with his cock stuffed in her cunt. Filling her to the hilt pounding into her core beneath as she pants breathily begs. Her sights trained on him with a lazy beam, her own petite hands roaming. Teasingly kneading her breasts, his property on show for everyone.

Colleagues next to him ogling his fucking wife, the punishment that woman will receive when she gets home. If they make it home, he contemplates taking her here so her screams can be heard by all soaking in her perfect figure.

She knows his eyes have left her audacious game; she is the master of him. Adeline knows he will be furious; she thrives off it. Flicking her lids open she sees him lift a challenging brow, daring her to continue. Risking a look below the belt, spotting a prominent tent. It makes her weak. His associates know he is married, not that it is her. There is yet to be an event in which they would meet, shame should fill her when she is to formally shake hands with those men drawing over her.

Stuck for ideas of how to tip Malfoy over the edge she peers to Pansy for back up. Who has her lower lip caged. Beaming proudly, noticing her friend at a loss she mouths. ‘Take off the bra’. Addy skin pales, knees buckling at the suggestion, swallowing as she reaches behind the crowd growing wild.

Draco goes from cool to radiating steam in seconds, darkly shaking his head, strands of hair swaying as he shoots to his feet. Chucking his wife over his shoulder to be met with a sea of booing. Before disappearing backstage.

Adelaide dizzies, blood rushing to her fogged mind as Draco hauls her into a dressing room shoving the door open before slamming it closed. Her back meets the wall without warning.

Stoned globes pierce her as his venom drips, “What the fuck was that?”

Gulping, chin held high she retorts, “Payback”, He tuts incredulously, jaw snatched as he grits out, “Time for mine then”. No time for response as he pulls her up, legs wrapping around his waist on instinct. Draco tears at the skimpy clothing, pushing down his slacks. Spit falls from his lips as he lines up to her slit.

“As much as I yearn to taste you”, licking a stripe up her neck as she shudders. “Right now, I want to fuck you with full of my disappointment. Having to beg for mercy, crying for me so every person out there knows…” He enters in one painfully delicious jolt of his hips. “You are mine”

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